3-AD w/ Max Out - Good Idea?

  1. 3-AD w/ Max Out - Good Idea?

    Looking to stack 3-AD with Max Out for an on cycle of about 5-6 weeks. Any input here?

    I'd be up to changing the Max Out, but I feel like it's my best option given the ingredient combination. I know iForce pushes using Testabolan with other PHs, but I think Max Out would be more effective here.

    (Note: Though I'm talking about 3-AD, which would I guess fall under the "steroid" section, my main interest here is the non-prohormone Max Out, so I decided this was the right forum)

  2. that would be a fine idea because maxout is sopposed to increase your gains whill on a cycle

  3. I think that Max Out would be a good additive in here. Normally I'd suggest MassFX because the ingredients in it and 3-AD will compliment and enhance eachother, but MO would be another good option from what I know of it.

    Any 3-AD questions, shoot me a PM or post accordingly. We're here.
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  4. The DOMS would be incredibly painful since Max-out contains ArA. 3-AD also increases DOMS for some reason. I'd say that this stack is not for the faint of heart!

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