usp prime

  1. usp prime

    how good does it work.Is it worth buying?

  2. i would recommend using the search function, it can provide alot more information than i can. it will link you to logs, and have answers to the questions your looking for. but from what i have researched it seems pretty solid. although the only way you can really find out is to try it out for yourself. i plan on picking up 2 after christmas. overall i think it's worth a try. but you have to realize that no supplement will do the work for you, you have to have your diet and training regime in sync for supplements to be effective. any questions just ask!

  3. there are countless logs on here about it get comfortable and start reading

  4. Here is a Prime results thread:

    PRIME Results Thread

    If anyone has used it, I wish you would post your results in that thread

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