ALRI VENOM - reformulated?

  1. ALRI VENOM - reformulated?

    Is this true? LOVED the old one(purchased 4 months ago) and planned to re-order. However, if reformulted, I'm looking for some feedback first. Thanks

  2. They say its reformulated, but I have tried it and have to run a bit higher dose to get the same effects

  3. Thanks. Anyone else?
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  5. I haven't tried venom (any version), but I work for a wholesaler and the stuff sells a lot. Some consumers have brought bottle back to the stores i sell to and ask for refunds though because it's not like the old stuff. but as i said i haven't tried either one

  6. You can do a search on here, but even quadruple dosing the new venom I got none of the appetite suppressing effects of the old, 3.0 version.

    When you take the Meridia out, I stop using Venom.


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