Articles, Photographers, Editors...Geared Mag is going public

  1. Articles, Photographers, Editors...Geared Mag is going public

    I am not sure if you guys know, but I publish Geared Magazine (mainly to serve as information for supplement companies). I want to see about making this a real publication with lots more authors, in depth articles, better photos and reviews.

    Anyone that is interested in helping this project out, you can email me at [email protected] to reach me.

  2. I'd certainly be keen on a read dude

  3. If you need articles written then I can surely fit in a few since that's what I do as a side gig.

    I usually crank out about 20-30 plr articles for Internet Marketers to use as web a 500-2000 word article is pretty basic ... all I need to know is how much of a WOW factor you want...

    Edit-when I get to my personal computer, I can email over some of my works, which will be Tuesday at the latest.
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  4. Very cool!

  5. I really enjoy your Geared mag, eric. I'd be glad to help in some way.

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  6. I'd be more than happy to help as well


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