Need some guidance from you pros

  1. Need some guidance from you pros

    Hey fellas, so I have gotten several supplements laying around and figured I have a month of free time to work out and wanted to ask what I should take for my goals: I want to cut some weight, cut fat, and get lean. I am not looking to gain any weight but rather a harder leaner physique. The current supplements that I have include:
    Star Chem- Icon
    ALRI- Tri Lean Fat Loss system
    ALRI- Bad Ass Mass

    I have never used any of these before so I just wanted to ask for some recommendations on what I should use and what I should just let sit on the shelf (or trade to somebody) .. I wouldn't mind getting some Lean Xtreme or LeanFX for maybe the Bad Ass Mass

    any help would be appreciated,

  2. bumping, since I want to start today

  3. Height, weight, age, etc?

  4. I'm interested in Icon...

  5. well basically I just want to use the supps that I have and not purchase anything new. I am starting the Tri Lean system, but I just wanted to get some feedback whether Icon or Bad Ass Mass would be of any use if I am not trying to beef up.



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