Nutraplanet Geranamine Capsules: Are they any good?

  1. Nutraplanet Geranamine Capsules: Are they any good?

    I was going to buy some Geranamine Caps from NP but was curious if anyone has had any good experiences or bad to share before I buy it.

    I know the recommended dosage is 50mg Pre Workout but the caps are 60mg. I don't know how much of a difference that will make or if it would be better to just buy it in bulk powder and suspend it in water?


  2. IMO, the dosage is perfect. Great potency and purity.
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  3. Works great preworkout with caffeine PEA/Hordenine.

  4. i love the caps. i make sure i always have a bottle.

  5. Not to jack the thread, but what is the difference between the caps and powder? I've never tried the caps, but I have used the powder. I know the caps are cheaper, but I feel that 60mg of the powder is a little too much for me during a workout.... am I stuck with the powder or are the caps a little different?

  6. I think this is a very fine product. I combine it with some vinpocetine and a cup of coffee.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Jayzen View Post
    Works great preworkout with caffeine PEA/Hordenine.
    this is a great party stack as well if you're not drinking

  8. Thanks for all the responses so far guys. If you have anymore keep them coming. I'm probably going to order it tonight

  9. If you've never had Geranamine before i'd start with a smaller dose but i've been using 50mg for a while now and will go for N.P. 60mg next for sure.

    Are the PEA/Hordenine caps still available? I really wanna try try it with Geranamine and Sulbutiamine.

    I thought they had been discontinued.


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