1. mitotropin

    sup fellas i got a box of mitotropin by gaspari nutrition
    well nice setup when i got it i look inside and two sets of pills. the pills in the bottle you take every day and on the last 4 days you take a combination of the two. then there is a booklet on how to use it but what i dont understand is that in the booklet they want you to run an hour in the morning on an empty stomach and an hour in the evening after dinner. it does say 30 min at a minimum and 20 min if you in a pinch every day. it makes me wonder what do i need the pills for. anyone will lose wieght doing cardio like that. but still gonna give it a shot but how do i know how much of it was the pills or the cardio

    beleave me i know cardio is important to cut up but dam i hate cardio!!!

  2. It should be a given you do that much cardio..
    The point of buying weight loss pills is to lose weight..
    Cardio is the most important factor besides diet..
    If your not willing to do that then don't bother getting pills.

    BTW, I think you should deffinitly log this.

  3. I ran Mitotropin for 7 days had absolutley NO positive effects. There were several negative sides, I did log it, so check it out if ya want.

    As far as the recc cardio, I did not follow that because I wanted to see if the supp really worked, since yes nearly anyone will loose weight with two a day cardio

    Good luck,,Hope you get better results than I did

  4. Well you should be able to cut on 3 hours a week of cardio. I then suggesting that you do 2 hours every day? That is way too much. You might get up to 5 or 6 hours a week before contest if you are in a tight spot.
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  5. I have a few samples of this laying around. I would be interested in a log as well.



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