1. Dmso

    Has anyone ever used DMSO as an anti inflamatory? I was reading Bill Romanowski's blog and asked about possible ways to speed the recovery of a hamstring injury. He actaully got back to me the next day and suggested a couple things and topical DMSO. Anyone ever try this stuff?

  2. that was big many years ago. i recall using it a few times but dont recall it doing anything special. google it but i think its used or was used on horses for their joints. gives you a funny taste in your mouth after being absorbed through the skin

  3. actuly man dmso ist anything but a sovelent, u mix pain relivers in the soloton and the dmso helps it get right into your skin

  4. I have a book called Prescription for Natural Healing and was reading up on it last night. Im going to try it out and I'll let ya know. Im going to use it for a delivery agent also. Ive read good reviews on it. Its cheap enough, aroun8 or 9 bucks.

  5. DMSO is horse linament. That stuff is POWERFUL. If you haven't tried it be warned it doesn't just burn a little. It will make your body part feel so on fire it may go numb. My best friend who pitched from grade school through college used it and He used to say " DMSO does not play".

  6. so this stuff would be good for an injured pec or hamstring? In ROMO's book he talks about basically covering his body in the stuff after doubles. Would it help in the healing process?

  7. Try this. Put a little on your hurt pec, Wait about ten to fifteen minutes. If you aren't in the shower trying to wash it off(Do not put water on it). then go with it.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by pavb10 View Post
    so this stuff would be good for an injured pec or hamstring? In ROMO's book he talks about basically covering his body in the stuff after doubles. Would it help in the healing process?

    when its applyd to horses they apply athin coat,

    do this when u get out of the shower when your skin is still soft use cotton ball and put a LITTLE bit on and spred out evanly
    u may not feel anything or it mat tingle or it may be itchy ass fuk

  9. does it actaully help tho? im def gonna try it if ROMO did....

  10. It is a solvent, used as a carrier for many meds when topical is the only way to appy, supposedly helps the joints with arth but never helped me any (this was back in the 1970's). There are a lot of skin cream versions of it out now and my wife uses it for some blemishes & skin spots.

    The pure liquid version leaves your body, sweat and breath tasting/smelling like old, rotten garlic. I mean very noticible to those around you.

  11. yea thats what he said..i really dont mind that though if it can help me some, considering im with 100 dudes for two weeks during camp in isolation

  12. so, i went to the pharmacy to get dmso and almost got my a** kicked by a forty year old man.....I made a u turn on the highway and cut across to the right lane on the other side and apparnetly some guy with his boys in the car thought i cut him off. They followed me into the parking lot and when i saw that i knew i was screwed. I pulled into the parking lot and pretended like i was gonna park. Surely enough they pulled up next to me and some guy that looked like Mirr the UFC fighter gets out and starts screaming "are u fuc*ing high?" He came up to my window as i was pulling away and started yelling at me and if i wanted to get my butt kicked and if i was high. What forty year old guy does that? Part of me wanted to get out and beat the hell out of him. He was kinda big, but forty....So to make a long story short i didnt get the DMSO. Maybe ill try again tommorow. Didnt know it would be such an adventure. Even if someone cut u off, why would u follow them, thats just ridicolous.

  13. Wow, Well try again but check both lane before hanging a u-turn. Chased you down with the kids in the car.
    On a side note do not apply this and use the potty. That stuff does not play.


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