Muscle Pharm mini-review

  1. Muscle Pharm mini-review

    I got my samples recently, and last night decided to put Bullet Proof to the test. I was up at 5:30am yesterday, worked from 6:30-5:30, and had judo from 7-9pm. I got home and ate a small burrito and some whey, watched Dexter, and around 11PM, downed the BP and hit the sack.

    I lay there, and within 15 minutes of taking the BP, felt very relaxed. There was no GABA 'I have an elephant sitting on my chest' rush, only a nice zen-like calm.

    Next thing I know, I hear my kids moving around in the next room. I look at my watch, it's 6:45 AM. Sweet, I got to sleep in. I lay there for a second, and realize I feel...great. Rested. Clear-headed, with no grogginess. Not tired, but ready to GO. I got up played with the kids a bit, put a dvd on, then went and bothered the wife.

    There it is. Sure, it was only one sample, but judging by that sample, I'd rate Bullet Proof up there with my favorite company's product, Somnidren GH. It doesn't hit as hard, nor put me out as fast, but the end result, the next morning, was perfection.

    Two solid thumbs WAY up, a perfect score. Will I buy it? I need to look at the price: I was unemployed for 6 months this year, and barely scrape by right now. If I was ok, my order would have been placed this morning at 7AM. As it is, I'm going to snoop around right now, see who got the cheap pricing.

  2. Here's a breakdown of what sleep aids I've tried, in order of effectiveness:

    Tied for 1st - Bullet Proof and Somnidren. Tough call. Bullet Proof takes it for awakening refreshed; Somnidren takes it for ultimate relaxation and putting you out. Somnidren is so strong, you can get away with a half dose, but then it isn't relaxing you as much. Basically, if you need to be put out, Somnidren. If you want to wake up feeling like a million bucks, BP. Both will do an excellent job overall, you can't go wrong with either. Keep in mind BP has a recovery matrix which may have effects long term, that I could not experience with one dose.

    Scivation Knock Out and Lipotrophin PM- Strong stuff, good sleep. A dose is three tabs, which makes me groggy as hell in the morning, so I take two, which is nice, and makes it economical, for me. Lipotrophin is also great; it doesn't do squat for pre-sleep relaxation, but sleep is good on it, and I wake up feeling better, though no where near BP effectiveness. Lipo does aid fat loss, a nice bonus. It's ridiculously cheap.

    Custom's Mega Sleep Aid and Nocturanabol- also ridiculously cheap. This will put you in a coma, but 6mg melatonin is, um, overkill. I feel like I got knocked out with a sledgehammer in the morning. I wish they'd lower the melatonin to 1mg or so. Nocturanabol is WAY better, with 750mcg melatonin.

  3. I personally tried nocturnabol, knockout, cmi big and neurobalance from ibe(I stock up before it was discontinued)
    what do I think about them:
    nocturnabol-great product, works very well and very well dosed , probably the best bang for the buck.
    knockout-doesn't work with me , don't ask why but it keeps me awake , make exactly the opposite.
    cmi big-good product but it gots creatine and why should I take creatine before I go to bed?
    neurobalance-it doesn't put me down like melatonin but the sleep is deeper almost like a coma feeling, lol, nothing cant wake me up when I take this one, a shame it was discontinued.

    I`m waiting for a somidren order , lets hope it works like you say bro

  4. It does, you'll love it. I've used several tubs of it.

  5. sweet

  6. thanks for the review! Im planning on grabbing some of this once I get settled back in next semester and get my job back in order. I like doing 2 nocturnabol with 3 ZMA-5 or igf-2/powerful with a nocturnabol. Amazing sleep.

  7. You'll like this stuff. I'm really disappointed the sample was only one serving.

  8. bump for this stuff. I could've used this last night, arhg, my groggy head this morning!

  9. I just bought two jugs of this stuff. It's 50% off on . Use coupon code 50MP. Two jugs nets free shipping!

  10. What flavor was the sample? and how'd it taste? I'd like to put an order in but would definitely like to hear your opinion on the flavor first!

  11. Flavor is meh, absolutely forgettable. Not great, but it shouldn't hinder your purchase in any way.

  12. Hmm grape fusion or orange raspberry maybe I'll just have to get one of each!


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