Precision Nutrition for Parents xmas present

  1. Precision Nutrition for Parents xmas present

    My dad is about 55 and he is the best shape of any 50+ yr old ive ever met. Hes been like that since hes been in his teens. but he cant break the 210 mark and he wants to lose some weight. He did break it when i got him to do CKD but then he went back to carbs.
    My mom is very over weight and shes happy with it and I just want her to be more healthy because we have alot of cancer and problems in both of our families.
    I was wondering if anyone has used the Precision Nutrition and what were the results? I want to buy this for them for christmas especiall since i think they are gonna get the Nintendo Wii lol.

    Any feedback is greatfull. Thank you

  2. I think it's a great system, however my mom won't even look at it after hearing that he calls the meals "Feeding Opportunities".

    The information is out there for free, but for some people it motivates them to have it all in one place. Have you seen the physical book set? PS I Just got the email too.

  3. I know i could probably find everything online for free. But they are always questioning my knowledge of supplements and health and fitness programs even if i spend hours a day researching and making it my number 1 hobby.
    I think if i got them something that looks professional and legit they would try it. and if i spent the money on it i feel like they would do it so it wasnt a waste of my money especially since im broke.

  4. That's Berardi's stuff correct?
    If so I have seen his DVD's and have read a lot of his work and found all of it very informative. I don't have experience with the Precision Nutrition System personal but I imagine it would have some great info in it.
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  5. hmm or maybe i shud get my dad like a stack.
    Activate Xtreme and Lean FX

    and maybe for my mom

    Lean FX and lol help me choose

  6. I have a feeling they would be a lot more receptive to something more tangible like the Precision Nutrition and not to something chemical like supplements. Also you really don't want to just give them a supplement in terms of a quick fix, it sounds like they need to change their lifestyles more than anything. Why not try getting them some personal trainer time at a local gym or a gift basket with things like a pedometer, healthy snacks, aluminum water bottle, Ipod Shuffle, etc.
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  7. well they actually do eat incredibly healthy. we have no junk food what so ever. its been like that for 5-6 yrs now. everyone hates my house cuz they have to either make food or there isnt junk food to snack on. the reason i was thinking supplements especially for my dad because he already eats healthy and works out everyday.
    with my mom tho ya it might not be a good idea. she already takes thyroid medication so maybe lean fx wouldnt really help.
    the buy so many health books also. i think the precision nutrition actually might be a great idea.

  8. I think your parents would appreciate the Precision Nutrition system over the supplements. It sounds like they are already pretty health conscious though, so I'm not sure if they even need his stuff.

  9. Yeah, you definitely want to get them educated on proper nutrition and exercise before you start buying them supplements... Proper diet and training habits are necessary to optimize (or sometimes, even notice the benefits of) supplement usage.


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