"Double or nothing xtreme stack" or "Mass FX and Hyperdrol x2"

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    Ouch - why so mad?

    Sorry that you had a bad experience, man. We know and fully realize that not everybody will have the same experience with AX products. We accept that and in fact, we do greatly appreciate the feedback! The reason our products change is to reflect the attitude of those who use them. If something isn't so great and has room to improve, then we'll work on improving it. Take StimX for example. The original changed because people complained that it was too potent. Now, many like it, but those hardcore stim junkies want something more. So in 09, we're bringing back the original strength under a new name - SX. The same happened with the original Hyperdrol, and the evolution of Retain to Retain2 to LeanFX.

    So if you have feedback and are honest in your approach about it, we are listening. Thanks for providing that for us. And don't worry - we don't take offense. It actually takes a helluva lot to get any of us rattled!

    Best of luck in future endeavors.
    I did not have a bad experience...i never said that i just stated that 25r-diol is very similar to 25r-dione....

    im not mad either i jsut dont care what he has to say...

    im not sure why ur talking about the new and old versions of the AX line the reason why i stated the "old" massfx becasue taht is the only version taht i have to compare max-out (25r-dione) to...i do not know if the old is more effective than the new...i was trying to be specific as to exactly what i have used and exactly what products i am comparing...

    so again in my personal experiences 25r-dione produces very similar results as 25r-diol which in my previous posts i only stated 25r-diol instead of 25r-dione is because they are similar (comparing results of the two different versions of

  2. wow what did i miss??
    and are you recommending Mass-FX or Max-out??

    sorry im a little confused......

    and are you sayin to stack DTH with Max-Out?

    that looks kinda like the ANIMAL TEST stack without as much divanil and AI's........any one use animal test?? i heard its over priced for its effectiveness...



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