Supps to lower SHBG and Estradiol?

  1. Supps to lower SHBG and Estradiol?

    these are high right now. I was wanting something to regulate them back to normal as well as cortisol levels were high? Something for all of this? I was thinking TNT stack but something i could be missing for a good product to help with this.


  2. well bro i would go get some divanex and some I3C, plus some lean xtreme or leanfx. that will take care of all your needs.


  3. i think Restore would help with both.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by crazyfool405 View Post
    i think Restore would help with both.

    restore is chill. I just think some nettle and some I3C would give him what he is looking fo and more. Plus, the lean xtreme would give him a cort blocker and it would increase t3 production. those 3 product would work at all aspects for him and help him in other areas too.

  5. that woudl be the TNT Stack then probably???RIght?

  6. Estradiol will dramatically increase SHBG production as well as cortisol. So perhaps just addressing the estradiol level may suffice. Or if willing you could run a steroid that would temporarily solve all these issues. But instead of just addressing these issues which may just be symptoms of something else you need to find the cause. It would appear you had a blood panel done to find these levels so did the physician have any recommendations or at least possible causes?

  7. every blood test has been perfect. look under my lab results under anti aging forum.....I have high estradriol and high SHBG and somewhat high cortisol. Not sure what from....but that is what i have. Major sympton is sensitive skin and when I get hot very easily. Skin flushes when working out as well as red eyes. This all started when i used trenadrol by kilosports. Who knows. why i am asking


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