How best to utilize these supplements?

  1. How best to utilize these supplements?

    Been working out for yrs.. but been out of work most of last yr and let myself go big time. Between 25-30% bodyfat, 5'8" 205lbs, 35 yrs old.
    strength and muscle aren't too bad. (just hidden)

    Anyway, i know my cholesterol and liver enzymes are not in the best shape and primary goal is to lose as much bodyfat as quickly and safely as possible. (no anabolics/ superstims)

    Blew my load on these supplements thinking I would do a couple cycles while cutting on lower carb diet. (mostly protein and veggies w/ cardio and lifting)

    I bought two bottles each of: Anabolic edge, leviathan reloaded, incarnate ( PA labs stack) ... as well as two bottles
    Recreate, and DCP. Now I'm thinking what's the best way
    to mix and match to maximize these supplements to meet my goals? Any help would be appreciated.

    By the way, if this should be in weightloss please move or delete. thanks ---Raw

  2. I would do the PAL stack as is and add in DCP for extra fat loss. This would be an awsome stack for gaining athelticism and endurance while at the same time slashin fat. Then use the recreate after you are done with the Levi Reloaded.
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  3. I agree and may I say that is an excellent stack you have there, raw!
    I think starting with the leviathan is good because of it's test boosting effects will compliment Anabolic Edge really well. and as Chargerfball stated use Recreate when out of L.R.

    However if you feel the need for some appetite control starting out then use Recreate first then L.R. when out of Recreate. don't use those two together because it will probably be too many stims for most people...

  4. Thanks for the replies.
    Yea, I have to admit I tend to get a little manic when shopping.

    So I started looking at the safest/least stimulating fat burning and muscle preserving supps. out there. That's what lead me to the recreate and DCP as they seem to not stimulate so much. I've tried them all in the past.. CLen to T3 to popping Ripped fuel back in the mid 90', eca, Nyc... Dude, I remember trying to hand cash to a checker and just trying to keep my hands from obviously shaking like an old man. Anyway...
    So after buying the supps. it noticed people really like to stack the DCP and leviathan. That's why i was thinking maybe I should break up the PA stack which would leave me w/ AE and incarnate which I could maybe use alone, then recreate standalone. That woud give me three cycles.

    I probably need some appetite suppression as I've thought of doing some extreme caloric deficit such as v-diet or warrior type, so the recreate might work well there.

    Maybe I'll just take them all... JK..
    Well, if anyone has any thoughts I would love the feedback and insight. I will also log some cycles for others to get feedback from.. Thanks..

  5. if you go with the warrior diet I would be interested in your feedback on that as well!

    your ideas seem good to me too. but I just would advise not stacking the L.R. and the Recreate at same time unless you know you can take the extra stims and you REALLY want too LOL. but otherwise you should be able to do any combination you want. maybe Pal stack as is first then use Recreate and DCP together to finish a nice long cut/recomp...

  6. I was thinking that since you have a lot of weight lose first off you should use Recreate and DCP first to shed the weight and then the PAL stacks to bring up test that may have fallen and build muscle Whe shedding the last bit.
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  7. jacobcoile- thanks for the feedback and I agree I will go slow and not combine the stims. ( as I get older i don't think I tolerate them as well anyway) I will update as well If i go fullblown warrior. It's hard to skip meals when you've been programmed by reading over and over to eat every few hours. Though I like the ideas of undereating and even fasting here and there for cleansing purposes. I've been trying a variation of warrior where I will eat much less during the day, eg. a handful of nuts, piece of fruit, and I seem to have more energy and strength doesnt' seem to suffer either.

    I've been thinking about stacking in the manner you suggested. Work on stripping the fat as much as possible w/ the recreate/DCP then build back up w/ the Pal stack. This will acclimate me to the stronger leviathan as the first two don't seem to be as stimulating. --

  8. yeah, warrior type diets might not be for everyone or for every goal, but I have used it a little here and there and had really great results mostly endurance/stamina related.


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