biotest surge??????

  1. biotest surge??????

    i just got 3 juggs of usp labs jacked i couldnt pass up the price, but doing some surfing i came accross this

    SURGE: by biotest

    Secrets of the Elite

    It's time that you know three facts:

    FACT 1: Your suspicions are correct; you really don't have access to the secret stuff.

    Since its inception, Biotest has been secretly designing and producing not one but two lines of supplements. The first line includes the formulations you're all familiar with: Metabolic Drive® Proteins, SURGE® Recovery, HOT-ROX® Extreme, and others.

    These are all powerful, very effective supplements, many of which might scare your momma, but they're our public line.

    But the second line of supplements is different. It's a private line, not available to the general public.

    For years Biotest has been producing small batches of custom-made formulas for an elite clientele. These clients include world-class athletes from a variety of professional and Olympic sports, as well as Hollywood actors who must get into phenomenal shape as quickly as possible or lose millions of dollars on their contracts.

    For these clients, Biotest makes custom, no-expenses spared, one-of-a-kind, designer super-supplements.

    Now think about that for a minute: We are, in essence, given a blank check to produce the most powerful and effective supplements money can buy. And, we don't have to worry about the huge costs of marketing, sourcing hard-to-get ingredients, and mass production.

    All we have to do is blow away the most exclusive clientele on the planet with the best, most-effective stuff on the planet.

    The "secret" supplements we've been able to produce are, without question, the most effective legal substances ever made. They are shockingly powerful, extraordinarily expensive, and they have never, ever been available to the general public.

    The simple reason we've never made any of these supplements available is that we assumed they were too expensive for people who didn't have lucrative sports contracts. However, we now realize that there are plenty of people who want in; who want the very best, price be damned.

    FACT 2: There's also a secret, very cool "trick" that guarantees success.

    Here's another secret: many of the best strength coaches, bodybuilding coaches, and physique transformation specialists in the world all share one thing in common when an elite client comes to train with them. It's a simple yet powerful "trick" that guarantees their clients will get results.

    The thing is, the top coaches, by nature, are in a predicament. They have to make amazing improvements in their clients or they don't get paid the big bucks, yet they have these clients under their watch for only a couple of hours a week. If these coaches don't produce jaw-dropping results, then instead of training top athletes and movie stars, they'd have to go back to coddling housewives at the local foo-foofitness center.

    So how do they guarantee stunning results? Simple: They give their clients a specific type of supplement, which is mixed right then and there for the client, as soon as they walk into the gym and before they leave it. These coaches can't control what their athletes do outside the gym, but they can certainly get the right "stuff" into their athletes' bodies while they have them. And that makes all the difference in the world.

    As you may have guessed, the "stuff" used by many of these successful coaches is the main area of focus for our designer supplements. In fact, we've been notorious, in the world of elite athletes, for supplying the best-of-the-best formulations in this area for several years. And, we've been using their feedback to further refine it.

    FACT 3: The secret supplement can literally double your results from training.

    Here's the last thing you need to know before we get down to business: This secret supplement has been shown to double the results you get from hard training. How? By taking care of The 3rd Law of Muscle.

    Curious? Ready to learn more? Let's break it down.

    The 3 Laws of Muscle

    To produce a huge increase in muscle size, strength, or performance, there are three things you absolutely have to nail, perfectly. The first two you know. The third you sorta' know, but maybe without fully understanding its importance or the specifics required for guaranteeing really huge gains.

    Here are the first two laws:

    The 1st Law of Muscle

    Design and implement the best training program for your goals.

    The 2nd Law of Muscle

    Rest the body to assure total recovery and super-compensation.

    Obvious, right?

    Now read the third, carefully:

    The 3rd Law of Muscle

    To guarantee the greatest gains from training, consume the precise compounds required to fully fuel, protect, and reload muscle — which can only be done immediately prior to, during, and immediately after training.

    The Impact of The 3rd Law

    If you neglect the 3rd Law, or if you don't fully utilize the 3rd Law, you're totally wasting your time. And drinking candy creatine, or any of the many jury-rigged concoctions being sold on the market today as "workout formulas," is neglecting the 3rd Law.

    However, if you follow the 3rd Law as religiously as the first two, you'll win every time. In fact, if you follow the 3rd Law as carefully as you do the first two, you can virtually blow everything else and still make great gains.

    What exactly do we mean by "blow everything else"? Fine, we'll say it in explicit terms — and we really mean this:

    If you follow each part of The 3 Laws of Muscle — assigning equal value to each law — you can virtually eat fast-food hamburgers, party, dance till dawn, and still make gains.

    Granted, there's a limit to how much bad behavior your body will tolerate, but the point remains: if you pay the same amount of attention to the 3rd Law as you do the other two, you'll win the physique battle.

    Gimmie Fuel, Gimmie Fire

    Two years ago, we developed a supplement for our elite, private line that harnesses the full power of the crucial 3rd Law of Muscle. We believe — no, scratch that, we know— that once a person has used one container of this precise formulation, he'll never want to train without it again. In fact, he'll begin to view any non-FUELED training session as a waste of time.

    And you know what? He'll be right.

    It happens every time with our MMA fighters, our strength athletes, our sprint cyclists, our boxers, and our bodybuilders. Once they train with it, they never want to train without it. And they shouldn't. Period.

    The secret supplement in question is the long-awaited SURGE® Workout Fuel (not to be confused with our gold-standard product, SURGE®Recovery). And we've decided to finally make it available to Testosterone Muscle members like you.

    "This is the simplest, most-effective nutritional strategy in existence to improve body composition and athletic performance," says Dr. Tim Ziegenfuss. "Put simply, elite-level peri-workout nutrition, like SURGE® Workout Fuel, can literally double results in body composition during training."

    So, are you ready to double the results of your training by taking maximum advantage of The 3rd Law of Muscle?

    The Peri-Workout Perfect Storm

    Two years in development, no expenses spared, triple-stacked and maxed-out. Here's the breakdown of each of the three functional "stacks" contained in each bottle of SURGE® Workout Fuel:

    STACK 1
    MAG-10® Amino Primer
    14,400 mg

    Citrulline malate

    What this stack does:

    • Increases directly both skeletal-muscle protein synthesis and ATP production

    • Combats muscle oxidation (burning) from intense exercise.

    • Scavenges hydrogen ions to optimize intramuscular pH for maximum muscle function.

    • Boosts anaerobic and aerobic performance during exercise.

    • Jumpstarts the recovery process after intense training

    • Allows the athlete to train harder and recover faster

    Dr. Ziegenfuss gives us the details:

    "Effective dosing of these three compounds has unmistakable effects during intense training. Citrulline malate helps increase the elimination of amino acid breakdown products and may even increase the rate of oxidative ATP production (it's been used in Europe for over 20 years to treat physical and mental fatigue).

    "Leucine is the most important nutritional anabolic signal to skeletal muscle and helps provide the 'spark' to ignite muscle protein synthesis.

    "Beta-alanine buffers excess lactate that accumulates during intense exercise, thus reducing fatigue."

    STACK 2
    Biotest® Quick-Sustainable Energy
    42,600 mg

    Fractionated rice oligodextrin

    What this stack does:

    • Pulls substrate-loaded fluids into muscle cells

    • Potentiates glucose transport into muscle.

    • Acts as a powerful anti-catabolic agent

    • Delays fatigue so you can train harder, longer

    • Allows for faster rehydration

    • Maximizes workout quality

    Dr. Jeff Stout notes that with this stack, "Athletes can train harder and longer which leads to greater training stimulus and physiological adaptations."

    Just one of these agents, palatinose, has exhibited powerful effects all by itself, notes Dr. Tim Ziegenfuss:

    "In the professional athletes I've worked with, providing precise amounts of palatinose during a training session helps improve workout quality, leading to marked improvements in body composition."

    Stack 3
    Electrolyte Superhydration Catalyst
    1420 mg

    Sodium chloride
    Sodium citrate
    Sodium phosphate dibasic
    Potassium bicarbonate
    Potassium phosphate dibasic
    Potassium succinate
    Calcium citrate
    Magnesium citrate tribasic

    What this stack does:

    • Enhances intracellular and intercellular electrolyte gradients and water balance, producing a hyperosmotic, super-hydrated working muscle.

    • Accelerates rehydration, preventing poor exercise performance, premature fatigue, and muscle cramping.

    • Provides the four major electrolytes (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium) in the precise ratios required to maintain and restore acid-base balance, blood pressure, nerve conduction, muscle function, body-water distribution, glucose transport, and glycogen storage.

    "What that means is, the runner can run one more mile and the bodybuilder can rep out two more sets," Dr. Stout notes.

    Who Needs SURGE® Workout Fuel?

    First, we'll give you the polite answer, according to Dr. Stout:

    "Anyone can benefit — the strength, bodybuilding, or endurance athlete. This formula is designed to stimulate protein synthesis and reduce catabolism, delay fatigue, and provide sustained energy for any type of intense or high-volume workout or competition."

    He's right, but Dr. Ziegenfuss sums it up more succinctly:

    "If you train intensely, then SURGE® Workout Fuel is an absolute requirement.

    "On the other hand, if you're not into hard training, don't bother buying the stuff! Workout Fuel is overkill for those who aren't serious about training."

    Coach Christian Thibaudeau adds this:

    "The more volume of physical activity you engage in (not just weightlifting), the more benefit you'll get out of SURGE® Workout Fuel. The harder you train, the more you need it.

    "If you do nothing but talk to the treadmill bunnies between non-intensive sets, then SURGE® Workout Fuel isn't for you.

    "Save it for those who earn it!"

    The Game Changes . . . Now!

    No apologies, no overstated hype, and absolutely no watering down the product to make it more economical. This is an elite supplement for elite athletes and those who train like them.

    SURGE® Workout Fuel is for those who bring it in the gym and in their sport. If you're not leaving behind blood and sweat on the bar or on the field of play, if you're a poseur, then don't order SURGE® Workout Fuel and don't use it.

    But if you're dead serious about training and want to double the results of your hard work — if you want to take advantage of The 3rd Law of Muscle and look like a competitive bodybuilder without having to live, breath, and eat bodybuilding 24/7 — then we're making this formerly "secret supplement" available to those who truly deserve it.

    Regarding the price of SURGE® Workout Fuel, normally it's $80.00. But for Testosterone Muscle members, we're slashing the everyday price to $50.00, 2 or more for $45.00.

    Do you train hard enough to earn it? Decide now.

    so what do you think

  2. Way over priced, but like most Biotest stuff it has science behind it . If you buy these three items in Bulk:
    Citrulline malate
    and mix it with gatorade your going to something very close to Surge at a fraction of the price.
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  3. No idea what it is, but guaranteed to be over priced LOL

  4. Quote Originally Posted by pmiller383 View Post
    Way over priced, but like most Biotest stuff it has science behind it . If you buy these three items in Bulk:
    Citrulline malate
    and mix it with gatorade your going to something very close to Surge at a fraction of the price.

    My thoughts exactly. 50+ DOLLARS YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME......Its not that elite or even a secret most on AM use a combo like that. But id say poseidon instead of gatorade.
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  5. It's got something called Mag-10 in it, but it can't be the real designer mag-10 that they used to make. Biotest has gone the way of all those other companies that try to pull one over on us. And it's overpriced.

    The Truth is, there is no Truth.

  6. Im pretty sure the Mag-10 complex is just the leucine, CM, and Beta Alanine. I could be wrong though.
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  7. One word for you... BULK.

    That is all.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by pmiller383 View Post
    Im pretty sure the Mag-10 complex is just the leucine, CM, and Beta Alanine. I could be wrong though.
    right, mag-10 is just their name for:

    14,400 mg:
    Citrulline malate

    You could also do:
    xtend + beta-alanine

  9. Incredible rip-off. Doing your own home-brew is way more cost-effective like everyone is saying.

    I've done something similar for several years and love it - intra-workout nutrition makes a real difference. But Biotest is majoritively overpriced.
    Bulk Performance Solutions
    --No Proprietary Blends, All Performance--

    ***NOW @ NP***

  10. holy FRAT, Batman.


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