protein taste

  1. protein taste

    i pretty tired on my VPX protein shake taste; what good tasting protein shakes are there out??

  2. look at all the whey products. The cinnamon bun, cake batter and wild berry are awesome. I rotate them all right now.

  3. Optimum Nutrition's stuff is always pretty good. Chocolate mint tastes like a thin mint girl scout cookie. Strawberry was good. Vanilla was pretty good too.

  4. ON's double chocolate and milk chocolate is amazing.
    Then ATW cinnamin bun is great.

  5. been buying the 10lb chocolate bags on ON golden standard for a very long time now, having got tired of the taste yet

  6. Syntha 6 tastes amazing, muscle milk (any flavor)

  7. I'm partial to Dynamitize Elite at the moment - Mocha is great, so is Buttercream and Choco mint. I'm trying Pina colada next. For fruity flavored, Syntrax Nectars are great. I like them in the summer time blended with ice!
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  8. ON's cookies n cream
    All the Whey's cupcake batter

  9. All The Whey makes a steller Isolate and Concentrate.
    If you are looking for a good blend and you live on the west coast, makes a blend called the Team Skip mix that is awesome. All the Whey's Casein based protiens are a lot thicker than True Proteins so that is completely up to your personal preferences. If you go with All the Whey make sure you look in their sub-forum here for a discount and if you go with Trueprotein you can use discount code PKM142 to save up to ten percent on your order.
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  10. If you are looking for a whey protein i would look at ATW as i really enjoy their whey and it tastes great(and has good pricing). If you want a blend of proteins then go with Ultra Peptide that is my favorite protein(and top quality) out of anything.
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