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  1. wheat germ

    I was reading about wheat germ in Muscle Fitness mag, they said that other than bieng a source of octacosanol it is also a good source of protien. but when i go to my local vitamin shoppe, the nutritional facts list 0g protien per serving. does anyone know if is supposed to contain protien, or any amino acids?

    i was considering trying it pre WO

  2. They are different proteins which they are talking about, wont do much for PW, but is very good for you, and is a great source of vitamin E, which is great anti-oxidant for the blood.
    doing my own thang!

  3. Wheat germ actually does have quite a bit of protein (~15g/100g). Of course the usual serving size is about a tablespoon, so the amount of protein is negligable. The reason wheat germ is so great is not because of the protein but because of the high concentration of vitamin E, folic acid, EFAs and minerals.

    Some old school bodybuilders I know swear by wheat germ oil as a PreWO supplement, they say it gives them great pumps. I usually just add a tablespoon of wheat germ to my protein shakes.

    EDIT: Also, posting this on the nutrition/health board might get you better answers.

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