NP Grape Seed Extract

  1. NP Grape Seed Extract

    I just got in my order that include some bulk grape seed extract. How should I dose it? Is it ok to take with a shake, or should it be on an empty stomach?

  2. Forgot to mention the label says 1/4 tsp=600mg

  3. I put a little bit into my PWO cocktail. A little goes a long way as far as GSE is concerned. I doubt anyone would need more than a gram/day MAX; 400-800mg/day would seem to be pretty good range considering most caps of GSE are 100mg 2-3x/day dosage.

    It has a very strong taste so beware if you mix it with things, you may want to consider capping it.

  4. Thanks for the reply. Haven't tasted it yet, but with it being a small dosage I hope I can stand just choking it down.

    Do you think it would ruin the taste of watermelon xtend?
    Guess I will find out tomorrow.

  5. It has a bitter taste. Not ideal for drinks. Better capped.
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