BSN Stack review

  1. BSN Stack review

    im currently taking NO xplode which works great but then i dont no if cell mass is doin anything..also taking nitrix, doesnt seem to be worth it. what do u all think of these products?

  2. nitrix is a waste of money. no xplode does nothing for me and cell mass isn't bad. but i'm sure you're wallet is hurting for dumping all that money, instead of buying other products taht work better and are cheaper

  3. not really ill buy whatever works ha. nitrix is junk imo. still not sure with cell mass. was looking at super pump and a few others but havent seen them on other sites.

    Mostly on these cause they are good sellers so i guess they work right?
    NO Xplode and cell mass that is....

    i went from benchin 135 to 215 max
    25-40 one arm curls 10x3
    or 90lb 5x5 2hand curl bar
    (about 5months)

    used Creakic 2bottle and 1 bottle of gakic, not that great

    now ive been on Cell mass and no xplode nitrix for the past 2months..
    for some one my size (145) i guess thats decent

  4. There are better and cheaper companies out there than MuscleTech or BSN.

  5. Jay Edit: And you're outta here, son! Or should I say Salty99...

  6. BSN has improved their products, however, there is still much better and "cleaner" out there for cheaper.

    It is true many people purchase NOXplode (heck, I did years ago) and experience benefits. It comes down to whatever works for you...however, I would suggest trying some Ragnarok...then get back to us =).

  7. Quote Originally Posted by allstar View Post
    There are better and cheaper companies out there than MuscleTech or BSN.
    Agreed. If you enjoy spending too much money on supplements then you have the right idea. Try Ragnarok next time.

  8. Try going to instead of gnc.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by bigpoppapump2 View Post
    Try going to instead of gnc.
    I was thinking the same thing. It's all good though,everyone eventually see's the light.

  10. get some white flood. its the only pre workout thing that gave me really good energy


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