nutraplanet taurine powder question?

  1. Question nutraplanet taurine powder question?

    I just bought the powder.. Its says 1/4 tsp = 800mg.
    Soo how much should i take a day.
    ???3 tsp a day??

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  3. anywhere from 1-10 grams per day is typical when supplementing with taurine.
    i usually try and take in around 5g/day when i supplement taurine.
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  4. what does it actually do? Does it do great things in gym. I am currently taking epi

  5. You bought it and you don't know what it does?

  6. I know it get rid of back pumps thats why i bought it and i wanna know what other wonders it does bro?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by shaunnner View Post
    I know it get rid of back pumps thats why i bought it and i wanna know what other wonders it does bro?
    Get rid of back pumps? I take 5g of taurine with my creatine post-workout.

  8. Here's some good info from my havoc write-up:

    -Taurine: Taurine is an amino sulfonic acid that is found in high levels in the skeletal and heart muscles of humans, as well as in white blood cells, and the central nervous system. Taurine aids the movement of potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium in and out of cells and thus helps generate nerve impulses. Muscle pumps/cramping occurs when there is a disruption of the movement of these electrolytes in and out of muscle cells. See below for a more detailed explanation of the pathway. Dosing: (5-6) grams/daily can be taken to help limit excessive muscle pumps/cramping that may occur. I recommend dosing both pre(3 grams)/post(3 grams)workout.

    -Fluid/electrolyte intake: It is also very important that you keep your fluid and electrolyte(sodium,potassium,c alcium,magnesium) intake very sufficient throughout the day. Fluid/electrolyte loss through training depletes interstitial fluids(basically the fluid that lies outside of the cells)which also attributes to muscle pump/cramping issues, and here's how:

    Painful muscle pumps/cramps occur due to loss of the osmotically active particles(mainly NaCL or salt) outside the cell within the interstitial spaces. This causes a disturbance in the osmotic balance(pull) of fluid moving in and out of muscle cells. This then results in muscle cells excessively swelling(because they contain more osmotically active particles and fluid)and you develop very painful pumps. This process can also lead to problems with the calcium pump inside muscle cells. This will cause VERY painful cramps due to the muscle being locked in a contractive state. This is why adequate fluid and electrolye intake during training is very important to maintain this balance and prevent these issues.

    I recommend anywhere from 6-10 grams/day.....especially when on cycle.

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  9. thanks brother

  10. Quote Originally Posted by shaunnner View Post
    thanks brother
    No problem.

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