Need Help Lethargy Product

  1. Stunt101
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    Need Help Lethargy Product

    What is the best out there to fight lethargy?


  2. Stunt101
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    to be honest, meth just puts me to sleep, anything else?

  3. PLCAR, Low Gi Complex Carbs, B vitamins/poseidon, and a good antioxidant like NOxidant.
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  4. Things that have helped me:

    Panax (korean) ginseng
    pea/hordenine caps

    figure out your own dosages. what works for one doesn't work for another. i have had lethargy for years and all above have literally changed my life.

    cycle things. if you do something every day you build a tolerance. so do one on one day and switch to something else another day.

    most propriety blend nootropic/energy products are underdosed, so it's best to buy single ingredient products and figure out the best dosage.

  5. Stunt101
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    thanks guys appreciate it, ill look into them

  6. RPM,Core Zap
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  7. Stunt101
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    rpm and core zap together ?

    or just one or the other

  8. One or the other!!
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons


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