Jungle Warfare/Mass Fx/Drive Stack Opinions

  1. Jungle Warfare/Mass Fx/Drive Stack Opinions

    I am thinking of running

    Jungle Warfare 3caps a day
    Drive 4caps a day
    Mass Fx 4 caps a day

    for 8wks

    Following up with

    AI Post Cycle Support
    Diesel Test Hardcore
    ZMA for 4wks after the initial cycle.

    I also have a bottle of Designer Supps Lean Xtreme that I am thinking of putting in there somewhere.

    Thinking of dosing
    Drive 1 cap Early Am
    Mass Fx 1 cap Early Am

    Jungle Warfare with Breakfast and Midday with a decent protein/carb/fat meal

    Drive 3 caps Preworkout
    Mass Fx 3 caps Preworkout

    Jungle Warfare next to last evening meal.

    Do you think the Mass Fx is overkill with JW? Should I use Retain or Restore at some point in this cycle or after the 8wk cycle.

    Any help would be appreciated. I have used JW and Mass Fx before would good success but never stacked in this manner.

  2. Mass Fx can be overkill, especially with JW, if you are subjectable to gyno, if not go for it, drive is a good product but it does not contain tran-reservatrol which is a potent AI found in stoked, which would go well with the other two products. PCT looks fine, make sure to incorporate purified fish oil, as well as some adaptogens for vitality.
    doing my own thang!

  3. drive and mass fx have forslean in them and it might gve u headaches, also mass fx wont do anything to yer gyno that was the old version

  4. Thanks for the response guys! So should I just nix on using Lean Xtreme in there at somepoint either on or post cycle?

  5. you could use the lean extreme in pct, that would work nice.



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