Vegetable Protein?

  1. Vegetable Protein?

    I just bought a 900 gram veg protein powder, was on sale for 11 dollars canadain, very good deal.

    It has soy protien, rice protein, pea protien and Hemp Protien in it and bromelain

    it is 110 calories per scoop, also has vitamin A

    and 25 grams of protein per scoop (30 gram scoop)

    needless to say it was a very good deal. I saw like 5 ppl buying it with me

    this is very good obviously for Vegans. I am not a vegan, but I have heard quite Great things about, hemp and vegan protein. that is is cleaner and better than whey.

    anyway, goood to be here on this forum

    I too Have an Anabolic Mind...and Body!

  2. I have limited knowledge of Pea and hemp protein, but the brief things I have read rate them very highly.

    Soy gets a bad rap in some places, as soy is a known source of plant estrogen. The studies for protein supplementation i have read seem to say that soy will improve your body composition in a similar manner as whey, and I've read a number of articles that put soy at the top of the list. Its a wash IMO. I simply recommend you do your own research on this topic.

    I know nothing about rice protein. ****, I didn't even know rice had a protein content.

    Thats the best I can do

  3. I picked up 10 pounds of brown rice protein. Has kind of a strange taste (not as bad as pea protein though) and is kind of gritty. Its amino profile is supposed to be almost identical to breast milk. I figgure if babies can grow so fast on breast milk, something that has a very similar amino profile cant be all bad. (I know there are other factors like fat, etc)

    Whey is still my favorite though.

  4. Vegetable Protein?
    = witchcraft! WHEY BABY!

  5. I love my whey protein too much

  6. You ever try Qunioa. Loaded with protein.

  7. ya, Ive tried it once, very HEARTY

    And I eat Hymalayin Brown Rice, LOVE It

  8. I Love Breast Milk Also....

    I remember, reading that if We could all just drink breast milk, we would all be looking like herakles or greater.

    I gotta get 9 girlfriends and just Milk them!

  9. perhaps single moms can willingly facilitate athletes needs for money.

    As for vegetable protein, I think the best is derived from the various forms of beans. Kdiney, goya, soy, lentils( if that's a bean) etc.

    But there have been some studies saying soy has increased oestrogen levels but we don't know how those tests were conducted. Whether it was a group of men , or women.


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