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  1. Gaspari Nutrition - Mitotropin

    I just bought a box of Mitotropin. Is it unsafe to take longer than the 30 day period recommended?

  2. I didn't know this stuff was out yet, I thought the release date was 12/1? Are you saying you bought more than 1 box? Otherwise if you only bought one box and you want to spread it out and have it last longer than the 30 day recommendation than your good to go. But if you have 2 boxes, I would take a week off and than go back on it.

  3. This stuff is at least $ 20 more expensive than the other fat burners I have seen, looking at the ingredient profile, it it worth $55??

  4. I don't think it is, there are plenty of more effective fat burners that are much cheaper.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by ticork View Post
    I just bought a box of Mitotropin. Is it unsafe to take longer than the 30 day period recommended?
    Why do some have this urge to buy something before its hardly out of production .Theres no feed back on the supplement .It could be a complete waste of money .

  6. Quote Originally Posted by corsaking View Post
    Why do some have this urge to buy something before its hardly out of production .Theres no feed back on the supplement .It could be a complete waste of money .


  7. I think they are offering a money back guarantee. It's very interesting looking and contains some great thyroid boosting ingredients.

  8. Was this suppose to replace thyrotabs or w/e they were called?

  9. I beleive it is replacing the thyrotabs.

  10. Yeah probably thyrotabs and cytolean, because I think they dropped both those products.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by ticork View Post
    I just bought a box of Mitotropin. Is it unsafe to take longer than the 30 day period recommended?
    yes.definately,any stimulant, but this is a thyriod and stimulant product.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by allstar View Post
    Yeah probably thyrotabs and cytolean, because I think they dropped both those products.
    they dont carry thyrotabs,but they do carry cytolean still.

  13. Is it overpriced? perhaps.

    It doesnt look bad at all.

    Hopefully it wont suck like plasmajet.

    Also some people overlooked it contains a few dieuretic pils to be used at the end of the 30 days.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by ari4216 View Post
    they dont carry thyrotabs,but they do carry cytolean still.
    I believe they have a Cytolean Version 2 in the works right now. And IMO, Mitotropin looks phenomenal.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by BuckeyeMuscle View Post
    I believe they have a Cytolean Version 2 in the works right now. And IMO, Mitotropin looks phenomenal.
    who said? v2?

    im not sure, but wasnt gaspari the first to combine pea/maoi with its cytolean product?, people underate the company,much better than bsn and muscletech.

  16. i had a gift card to GNC. They couldnt order recreate, so i got suckered in for a bottle. I have had no respect for gaspari products thus far so i hope this is different.

  17. I think this is a very interesting product I may have to pickup for a later fate.
    Head Purus Labs Rep

  18. does the dieuretic just drain all the water weight out of you for a short period of time?

  19. Quote Originally Posted by corsaking View Post
    Why do some have this urge to buy something before its hardly out of production .Theres no feed back on the supplement .It could be a complete waste of money .
    gotta start somewhere?

    it is cytolean + thyrotabs

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Brad2131 View Post
    does the dieuretic just drain all the water weight out of you for a short period of time?

    No it permanantly drains the water from you causin you to dry up like a prune.

    I kid i kid.
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  21. The product looks decent. Worth 55? No way. Also im curious to see if the actives are dosed appropriately. I dont want to be skeeted outa my mind like i was on cytolean, feel sick+ jittery and not get sh!t from it.
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  22. Quote Originally Posted by 3clipseGT View Post
    The product looks decent. Worth 55? No way. Also im curious to see if the actives are dosed appropriately. I dont want to be skeeted outa my mind like i was on cytolean, feel sick+ jittery and not get sh!t from it.
    thats how i feel from most stim products. esp pea ones

  23. Chemical Corner
    By – Rich Gaspari
    Mitotropin – Gaspari Nutrition’s Newest Atomic Weapon That Virtually Nukes The Fat Off You.

    Yes, we have a brand new product like you just read in the headline! I am very excited to tell you about it and I am 100% sure that after you read this, you’re going to insist on trying this product. Literally, if you want to incinerate slabs of fat as fast as humanly (and legally) possibly then Mitotropin is going to be your “must have – go to” product. I’m sure of it!

    The more astute of you will probably realize that Gaspari Nutrition already has an exceptional weight loss product and we plan on continuing to sell that product. It’s called Cytolean and like all Gaspari Nutrition products, it works better “doing what it is supposed to do” than just about anything else in the sports nutrition marker. Cytolean absolutely crushes your appetite. There is not a better appetite depressant available and I would add that there has not been a better, legal one since phenylpropanolamine (PPA) was taken off the market by the FDA some years ago. We were the first company to manufacture and market a commercially viable weight loss/appetite reducing product using a biogenic amine, phenylethylamine (PEA) and a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOi) with our Cytolean product (you can read the Chemical Corner about this amazing product at or We have a pending patent regarding our ground breaking use of PEA and MAOi (Pub. App. No. 20070190187). This has not stopped some of our “less than ethical” competitors whose research and development consists merely of scanning the ingredients panel of Gaspari Nutrition labels. You know who you are! One such company, I won’t mention any names, went even farther than just copying Cytolean, they actually lifted/plagiarized the entire Chemical Corner piece on Cytolean. Maybe we should send them a bill for doing their formulating as well as marketing work now? You’d think we’d be used to this kind of stuff by now.

    I am equally sure these guys – and countless other companies – will try to copy the innovative, revolutionary approach we are taking here with Mitotropin, but just remember, it won’t be Mitotropin and it won’t work like Mitotropin. So remember where you saw it first and which company brought the concept to you. Gaspari Nutrition: We always bring it to you first and we always bring it to you right! So to all the companies who are about to knock this product off, we say, “You’re Welcome! Again! –and good luck with that!”

    Sometimes You Need To Take The Direct Approach.
    Cytolean has rightly earned us the accolades of critics everywhere but we couldn’t help but notice that a certain small yet substantial sub-group of you out there, maybe I’ll call you “the ultra-competitive people”, kept e-mailing us with comments like, “I love Cytolean but….” But you wanted more! You demand it. You wanted to lose fat way faster, as fast as possible. You’re hardcore, extremely hardcore. You have been training for years on end, you’ve heaped on massive pounds of muscle with countless hours or iron time and metric tons of protein shakes and now it is time to really sculpt that fat off.

    Maybe….more than likely actually, you’re a bodybuilder or fitness competitor or you are aspiring to look like or be one. You are upper echelon and your needs are not exactly like those of everybody else walking around (not that you have anything against everyone else and I want to make it clear Mitotropin will absolutely work better than anything else for “The Average Joe” too). But if “Average Joe” has an extra point or two of body fat on his abs when strutting on the beach then not many people will notice. But an extra point or two on you? You’ll notice! It will bug the heck out of you as you obsess over it.

    Worse than that, the judges at the contest you’ve worked so hard to compete in are surely going to notice and mark you down accordingly. That extra percentage point means the difference between coming in with a winner’s trophy and finishing in the back of the pack to be forever forgotten. Who remembers who came in second place? OK, yeah I did! 3 times to Lee Haney, but I’m probably the only 2nd place guy who actually became famous for it. And that, coincidentally, was all about my conditioning! Do you remember who came in second place every year Ronnie Coleman won the Mr. Olympia contest? Neither do I! No, you are upper echelon, top shelf (or trying like crazy to get there). You epitomize that top one or two percentage points! You want to dominate and win, not merely place or show. And this is why you need Mitotropin more than anything!!!

    I like to think of fat reduction/weight loss as basically occurring via two mechanisms – direct and indirect. The more physiologically savvy of you might disagree on technical grounds but bear me out for a minute. To me, indirect mechanisms of fat loss would be methods that reduce appetite, cravings for carbohydrates, improve and elevate mood, etc., stuff that cause you to consume less calories (sounds a lot like Cytolean eh?). Direct mechanisms would be methods that increase thermogenesis and cause your body to burn more calories.

    Most commercially available weight loss products claim both, they just don’t do both very well and surely not optimally. Even Cytolean has some sort of direct, thermogenic effects but clearly its strongest assets are how it obliterates your appetite and keeps your mood euphoric and elevated. So what would happen if we started with the basic formula used in Cytolean and then found an amazing way to crank up the thermogenic, direct methods of weight loss to the umpteenth degree? I mean, what if we used the most hard core machinations and ingredients in a product that would strip the fat right off your bones? These over the top empty promises here….I think you know us well enough by now. This is real

    If you have followed any of the previous Chemical Corners, you would know that while our team of formulators puts up with me for the most part, they sometimes get a little “cranky” when I set the proverbial “bar too high” for developing new products. So when I asked them to formulate a new fat smashing product that utterly lays waste to adipose tissue and is leagues better than anything our competitors could ever possibly dream of doing – and these in fact were my exact words from the original email, “I want to see a product that actually kills anything else out there in the fat loss area, not just better than anything else, it has to be so powerful that it makes the other stuff look like it doesn’t work at all! Guys, you need to make sure Mitotropin is the complete package in fat loss!” – I knew the team was in serious trouble from a formulational perspective. In regard to fat loss, I have a pretty good idea what it takes to be a champion in that “top 1%.” If I was going to stick the company’s neck out and claim victory here, it would have to be with a product that would absolutely take you there.

    Using the traditional list of “caffeine, yohimbine, capsicum, etc.,” in insane dosages like all the other “copycat” companies typically wouldn’t cut it because our formulators wouldn’t be fooling our more difficult and critical customer – ME! This time, they would have to take a page out of the professional bodybuilder’s manual, open the proverbial “black box” of secret tricks said people use to look “upper echelon/top 1-2%”. Serious times call for serious measure. They decided to use something called a mitochondrial uncoupling agent (MUA) and although I’m pretty familiar with them, boy did I get a lesson here. Essentially, these disrupt the linkage between the respitorary chain and phosphorlyation system in mitochondria. By doing so thermogenesis is increased greatly as ATP synthesis decreases within the mitochondria as the proton gradient diminishes. This happens naturally in hibernating mammals who must maintain a constant body temperature in temperate environments (J Appl Physiol. 2006 Jul;101(1):339-47.

    MUA’s have a very checkered past in our industry. Nothing works like them from a
    biochemical standpoint or as well as them from observable fat reduction. They take the fat off and they do it with mind boggling speed.

    The first MUA to rear its head in our industry came from the bag of dieting tricks of our chief formulator’s late mentor, “The Guru” Dan Duchaine. I am talking about DNP (2,4 – dinitrophenol), a substance the chief did countless hours of research on as Duchaine’s right hand man/research assistant. Those “in the know” called DNP “Dieting By Bug Spray” or “Orange Death” and for good reasons. Used judicially and intelligently, nothing works as well or as fast as the orangey-yellow colored powder which is DNP. Used irresponsibly and haphazardly and DNP would literally cook you from the inside out –a handy fact used by pesticide companies years ago (it cooked bugs dead if they ingested too much DNP). Still, despite the absurd risks associated with its use, DNP became an indispensable part of the regiment that many upper tier bodybuilders secretly used before a contest. Blow your diet? No problem, just take a little DNP. Not doing enough cardio? DNP can fix that and you will still lose the fat. Most of you know that DNP is absolutely illegal to sell or use for human consumption!

    Usnic Acid/Sodium Usnate was the next MUA to appear in our industry. This compound is extracted from a lichen (which coincidentally, has evolved to use this compound to keep competitors from munching on it – a built-in “********icide!”) and it worked very well with regard to fat loss. Duchaine had his fingers in on this one too and some of you “old timers” will remember that Dan and the Chief (we’ll call him “Mr.B.”) had serious disagreements over the use of this stuff – Mr. B had warned everyone and anyone who would listen that this stuff was way too dangerous for use in our industry. It cleaved fat right from your body. Some people went so far as to proclaim it “chemical exercise in a bottle.” But Usnic Acid/ Sodium Usnate was horribly carcinogenic and it “broke” chromosomes inside the cells causing permanent genetic damage. It has been linked to a substantial number of deaths as well as complete and total liver failure requiring organ transplants. The FDA issued a serious warning letter regarding the use of this stuff (FDA Consum. 2002 Mar-Apr; 36(2):4.) and it too, is not found in our realm anymore.

    So what the team needed to find was a safe MUA if possible, something that offered all the fat frying benefits without the nasty side effects of the previous two. Mr. B. failed in this task. He did not find one. But somebody else (a Gaspari employee!) did luckily. Some of you might know him as our internet representative and we know him as our crack research assistant. For the purposes of this piece we will call him “Mr. D.” (Hey this is really starting to sound sinister….I like it!) He spends countless hours blogging and advising bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts online at and other sites when he’s not buried neck deep reading the latest breaking clinical research studies. He is a valuable asset to GN and we have Mr. B. to thank for bringing him on. So let me tell you a little story about “D.”

    When B first approached D with this project, D said a bit humbled. “Gaspari is known for its world class products and better yet, one of my bodybuilding heroes growing up was now seeking an important solution from me!” Talk about pressure. You must know that D has his nose in everything when it comes to published research; however this was a daunting task. A safe and effective mitochondrial uncoupler? HA!

    Off to the library went D. Fortunately for him, he has some pretty amazing resources at his disposal but he really didn’t know where to begin. According to D, “Traditional MUA’s are unsafe just because they are dose dependant and the slightest error meant you couldn’t turn off the effects and essentially roasted yourself. Not good.” Staring at thousands of volumes of medical texts muttering to himself, “Safe mitochondrial uncoupler, safe mitochondrial uncoupler.” All of the sudden D remembered a concept he learned when researching how hibernating mammals stay warm despite inactivity: Increased mitochondrial uncoupling proteins (Genome Biol. 2002; 3(12): REVIEWS3015).

    Research has shown that low levels of these expressed in skeletal muscle and adipose tissue are directly linked to metabolic syndrome and diabetes. So where did that leave D? “I needed to find the right combo of ingredients that could gently increase uncoupling proteins to crank up REAL FAT BURNING which any competitor could appreciate and effectively incorporate into their arsenals without question.”


    First and foremost D began his industry journey as an educated consumer sitting on the sidelines only a few years. He read everything regarding supplements he could get a hold of and luckily recalled an interview with industry author Anthony Roberts a few years back in which he mentioned a seaweed extract called fucoxanthin. Said D, “This brown seaweed extract increased UCP1 levels in white adipose tissue (WAT) which was supported by some compelling clinical research (Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2005 Jul 1; 332(2):392-7.). It appeared that I had the first piece of a complex puzzle in increasing uncoupling protein expression to crank up the rate of fatty acid oxidation in mitochondria. WAT is found in the belly region (aka spare tire, paunch) so who wouldn’t mind taking a perfectly safe compound to get rid of it?”


    There is no doubt that if you have ever considered bodybuilding that you are aware of what T3 is. Sure, it works like a charm for throwing your metabolic rate through the roof but it’s absolutely illegal. However, what about its first order metabolites? This is where 3,3’-diiodothyronine and 3,5-diiodothyronine come in to the picture which are more commonly referred to as 3,3’-T2 and 3,5-T2.

    Both of these metabolically active compounds have been shown to raise resting metabolic rate (RMR) (Thyroid. 2008 Feb; 18(2):239-53. Review.). However, a common misconception is that iodothyronines only have activity in the thyroid. Very rarely is their activity in the mitochondria of skeletal muscle, the liver (where hepatic fatty acid oxidation takes place, adipose tissue discussed yet this is where they can truly be targeted for effective fat burning.

    3,3’-T2 declines with age which may be attributed to age related declines in metabolic rate. It may very well have the transient ability to increase caloric expenditure thereby increasing RMR (Am J Physiol. 1956 Jul; 186(1):1-5). 3,5-T2 on the other hand, has its effect on RMR by increasing fatty acid oxidation rates in the liver and by stimulating the CPT (carnitine-palmitoyl-transferase) system of the mitochondria. Furthermore, it also has the ability to increase uncoupling proteins and uncouple oxidation substrates in the mitochondria. This is key because if fatty acids can’t cross through mitochondrial membranes effectively fat loss then becomes a distant dream. This is where Mitotropin truly shines.


    This is a polyphenolic ingredient found in numerous edible plant species. It has the ability to increase energy expenditure and oxygen consumption via multiple pathways (Diabetes. 2007 Mar; 56(3):767-76.). The most prevalence pathway manipulated was Dio2 expression. This gene is important in encoding the type 2 deiodinase (D2) that activates thyroxine (T4) to 3,3′,5 triiodothyronine (T3).

    Now some of you are thinking that increased T3 levels aren’t a good thing, but maybe those of you that are “hardcore” know it certainly doesn’t impair fat loss. In fact, T3 has been shown to UCP-3 expression in vivo which directly correlates with resting metabolic rate. Basically, if your levels are low, you aren’t burning as many calories at rest then not. It’s clear to me that keeping them optimal keeps you chances at maintaining a streamlined appearance very high.


    Have you ever eaten a red pepper and noticed that it made you feel hot? Perhaps you were distracted by the fact your mouth felt as if it were on fire? Well peppers contain substances called capsinoids. These are responsible for the “hotness” associated with their ingestion. Capsiate is rather unique because it has shown to increase UCP 1 & 3 all the while not having the tongue and eye blistering effect of its cousin capsaicin (found in pepper spray). Moreover, it also may potentially have a strong effect as a vanilloid receptor agonist (TRPV1) along with evodiamine to provide extremely effective adrenaline secretion and the reduction of fat accumulation by burning more calories.


    When the day came to finally beta test this product, the results after 30 days were stone cold unbelievable! One of our top guinea pigs, Gaspari resident (and new) IFBB pro James “Flex” Lewis was both kind and brave enough to run the Mitotropin “kit” for the full 30 days leading into the Europa Supershow in Dallas. As history would have it, he absolutely crushed the field in the 202 class to claim his first professional victory at the age of 24. And let me tell you… it was all about the conditioning! The kid was beyond shredded. With striated glutes and all, I felt like a proud papa as I watched him capture the day.

    I am absolutely sure that with MITOTROPIN, Gaspari Nutrition is recreating and redefining yet another category in sports nutrition. This seems to happen pretty much every time we “jump in” and offer a sports nutrition product so I am sure none of you are shocked. We expect that Mitotropin will rapidly become the “must have – go to” fat smashing/physique remodeling agent of choice not just for the upper echelon/top 1-2% crowd, but for everyone (and anyone) who demands maximum fat lass in minimum time. A lot of hard work, thought, and time went into the design and execution of this unique, amazing product by Gaspari Nutrition so that you don’t have to work as hard, think as much about or waste valuable time in your quest to obtain the most shredded physique possible! Mitotropin has the power of and is protected by TWO (2) United State pending patents (Pub. App. No. 20070190187 & 20040248861).

    How confident are we that once you try Mitotropin you will agree that it is clearly the best fat smashing agent you can (legally) purchase anywhere? How is this for a deal – buy it, try it for 10 days and if you do not agree with me that Mitotropin smokes any product that our competitors make, as well as burns the fat right off your body then return the unused portion with your dated receipt to the place of purchase for a full refund. Doesn’t matter where you bought it either, just return 2/3rds or more of the open bottle and your dated receipt (check our website for more information and specifics) and get your money back – hassle free. Fair enough? Do the other guys offer this type of money back guarantee with their fat loss product? If not, why not? We are so utterly sure that you’re going to love this product that it stands head and shoulders above anything else in the sports nutrition marketplace, that I am offering this money back guarantee to you! What do you have to lose? -except for a lot of unwanted fat!

  24. PS

    Rich Gaspari knows bodybuilding and what it takes to be successful in bodybuilding. And Rich wants to really help you in becoming a successful bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast too! As an added bonus to entice you to try Mitotropin and because we know that many of you will be using this “pre-contest”, we are including a complete diet, exercise and dosing manual as well as a 2 day supply of a potent DSHEA compliant “finishing compound” to help you with the “shrink wrapping” effect before you step on stage. Look for the comprehensive booklet and blister pack included in every box of Mitotropin. It really is the “complete fat loss package!”
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  25. For a free sample of Mitotropin****262


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