Had 7 mos. of recovery after surgery, now I'm looking for some suggestions...

  1. Had 7 mos. of recovery after surgery, now I'm looking for some suggestions...

    So I shattered my left clavicle back in February and had surgery to fix it (I now have a plate and 7 screws). The recovery was slow, and I couldn't do much heavy lifting until recently, although it still feels weird.

    I've gained a little fat around the stomach and pecs, and my strength and endurance are not anywhere near where they used to be. I know that most of this change will come from dedication on my part, but I was wondering if there is something I could use to help me get back on track. I was thinking creatine mono would help, but I want to get some suggestions?

  2. Get on all the basics:
    Multi Vitamin
    Fish Oil
    Creatine Mono
    Whey Protein

  3. i would take this all natural and slow. much else beyond the basics would put you in jeopardy of re-injuring your clavicle, which would take you off the track for a few more months.

  4. definatly just start off slow you dont wana eff yourself up and get another injury. keep up with the cardio, take all the staple supps like allstar mentioned.

    just make sure you keep it slow I just came back from a bout a 2 year absense from the gym when I tore my akilles (talk about pain).

  5. Yeah I wouldn't jump into heavy weighted dips man, but look for more of a rehab routine with higher reps. You may find that you like that better for size anyways. I second allstars suggestion for supplements, just take it easy though. That's probably the last thing you want to do, but if you really want to get back at it you will start slow, you don't want to be out another 7 months.

  6. thanks for the advice guys...the urge to put on heavy weight does come about, and I realize I need to swallow my ego for a few months to get back into it

    I'll cover the essentials as mentioned above, and Ill do some research on creatine cycles/types etc

    I figured after a few months, if/when things are going well I'll start a cycle of RPM (I've had a few successful cycles with this in the past)

  7. There are lots of good creatine products out there, just let us know if you need help.


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