Caffiene Help Please

  1. Caffiene Help Please

    I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 5. I have been on Ritalin, Concerta, Adderall, and most recently, Provigil. Still living with the rents, we couldn't afford the cost of provigil so I was forced off of it. To substitute for it, I have been drinking 1 nos a day and loads of other caffeine. Obviously this isn't very good for me. I've been doing research (on these forums) and had some ideas:

    -Acetyl L-Carnitine
    -Nimbus Nutrition Blast

    Any suggestions about the above or which to take? Or other supplements that are suitable? I am looking for something affordable and thats going to help with focus, motivation, etc. A stimulant would be nice but like I said, suggestions PLEASE!!

  2. I would look into plain caffeine as its very cheap, or maybe even Y RD

  3. Y-RD Energy Enhancer by USP Labs (90 Caps) -- Any experiences with this? ... and plain caffeine huh? Whats a good amount to take a day

  4. Good amount to take of which one?

  5. Just the caffeine by it self ... (would I still need the caffeine if I had the Y RD?) -- but I read for that supplement that you suggested which looks really good btw -- "Potent stimulant on par with ephedrine and even amphetamines!" I wonder if it's still as effective without parring?

  6. As for caffeine I would say any where from 100-200mg per time, no more than 200mg at once though. And I would say keep the total to under 1g a day. The Y RD would be fine by itself

  7. I rarely EVER give reps, but I gave you one for having the brains to ask questions and do research BEFORE you make a choice. So many idiots come on here asking questions about supps they just bought; it's nice to see the opposite.

    That said, what is your goal? Are you trying to calm down or stay energized? I would think that ADHD means you have plenty of energy naturally. Have you considered nootropics? If you are looking into ALCAR, I am wondering if that's what you are thinking. I've lately been incorporating ALCAR into nootropic stacks and love it (doses of >2g).

  8. custom capsule myfriend make a batch try it out tweak it till you get it right most stims on there are cheap anyway just remeber that the price is for 300 capsules

  9. Yeah not sure about the custom capsule ... But methusaleh -- thank you, it's greatly appreciated. I definitely prefer to research and review things before trying them out.

    With ADHD, I do tend to have quite some energy. But, the only problem is that I have so much energy I can't distribute it to make it "effective" energy. My mind sometimes just floats around, I become unmotivated, etc. When I took my provigil or ADHD medication, I felt much calmer and my thought process was more "clear" and I was able to focus better on thoughts and my process during the day. Now not having the medication and buying NOS and other energy drinks daily, not only is it expensive, it just doesn't seem to be the most healthy alternative.

    Nootropics? Not familiar with the term Did a google search and was very excited to see what it was. "Nootropics, popularly referred to as "smart drugs", "smart nutrients", "cognitive enhancers" and "brain enhancers", are a class of drugs that improve impaired human cognitive abilities (the functions and capacities of the brain)." Now to find a good supplement that acts a Nootropic -- Maybe the Y-RD or other suggestions? PIRACETAM seems to be a popular result on google as well. I saw Acetyl L-Carnitine listed under "Other cholinergics."

    "Piracetam (2-oxo-1-pyrrolidine acetamide) is the most well-known nootropic agent" Looks very good. This is opening up a whole new window of possibilities! Good stuff.

  10. if you're worried that you might be taking too much caffeine then maybe try 1 gram of L-tyrosine stacked with a low to medium dose caffeine, like 100 - 200mg.

    just a suggestion.


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