Cortisol release timing / Cort blocker dosing idea

  1. Cortisol release timing / Cort blocker dosing idea

    I know the standard is AM, 3-4 hr later and pre-bed but I have been thinking about the pre bed dose...

    Please correct me if I am wrong (thats the point of this thread) but isn't the pre-bed dose meant to offset a pulse that happens some time during the night?

    Meaning, pre-bed levels are low but the dose is to offset the raise during sleep.

    My question/idea is WHEN does that pulse take place VS. the half life of cort blockers like Lean Extreme?

    Would it be better to take it when you wake up to go the bathroom?

    Personally I usually want up 5-6 hours after going to bed to go the bathroom then sleep another 2-4 hours.

    Really the discussion is:
    1. When is the evening pulse
    2. What is the halflife of DHEA based cort blockers (lfx, lx)

    P.S. - I am aware that LFX and LX and different, I am more concerned with LX since thats what I have.

  2. hmm i dont know the answer, but im looking forward to different opinions/answers.

  3. Did more thinking and I think taking the AM dose when I wake up to go the bathroom would be best for ME since I wake up 2-3 hours later and assume the AM spike must ramp up over the last couple hours of sleep. What I have begun doing is taking my secondary cortisol blockers (vitamin C and Relora) when I wake up to go the bathroom and taking Lean X at the normal times.

    Hope someone can give a bit more scientific reasoning over my broad understanding.

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