Get Diesel Diesel Test 2010?

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    would you recommend that stack as a mass builder?? (the DTH with DTH)

    how about DTH and testabolan V2??
    i wouldnt look at herbal test boosters as "mass builders" unless ur over 30 years old and have all the other "mass building bases" covered. I would sug. NOS ETHER for building mass over a herbal test booster any day. Not that u wont see any mass gains, but i wouldnt look at an herbal test booster as ur primary mass building supplement. I would look at it as something to keep u strong and also help improve ur muscle to fat ratio.

  2. yah, thanks, been looking at that, and im gunna buy it, i know i am!

    i wish NP would bring back bulk x-factor, i never got to try it, now i got to buy it for $100



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