WF and PR on non lift days

  1. WF and PR on non lift days

    I work out 5 days a week run the 6th and rest the 7th. Im just wondering what the thoughts are on still taking PR - 2 scoops and WF 1 scoop on those non lift days. trying to cut btw

  2. WF= White FLood, but PR= What?

    I personally don't take stims on non-WO days. I take my beta alanine and creatine in bulk on those days, but lay off the stims to give my body a rest, and to help avoid building a tolerance. WF has GABA which you develop a tolerance to, so everyday might not be ideal.

  3. I dont know what PR means either?

  4. Pretty sure he means purple wrath

  5. yep purple wrath

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Rugger View Post
    Pretty sure he means purple wrath
    Does that mean you spell like him too rugger Save PW for intra-WO.


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