A few questions on p-slin (specifically the bulk powder)

  1. A few questions on p-slin (specifically the bulk powder)

    So I have read many thread and found a few logs on this stuff. However I'm still confused on dosage and timing. Sometimes I read to take it 15 minutes before carbs, then carbs 30 minutes before working out. Another thread said to basically mix up a large carb/protein shake and start drinking 15 minutes prior to, during, and finish post workout.

    1. When to take bulk p-slin?
    2. When to take carbs?
    3. When to workout around bulk p-slin schedule?
    4. Take bulk p-slin on non-workout days?

    What I'm thinking is taking 400mg every day 15 minutes prior to my morning oatmeal protein shake which is about 75g carb oats plus some milk and protein powder.
    Then on workout days take an extra 400mg around my workout time depending on answers to 1-4.

    I'm basically bulking right now if that helps.


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