When to use retain??

  1. When to use retain??

    hi im about to start my first stack with mass fx and hyperdrol in about a week and was trying to get some research on when to use retain as well... I've heard some people say to take maybe 1-2 a day while doing my mass fx stack but was wondering if that was necessary or could i just use retain as a PCT?

  2. Use the search function...u obviously havent researched these natty test boosters enough....

  3. welcome to AM bud!

    if your goals are to lean up then I'd use the retain (is it retain or retain 2?), if not then I'd save it for another time.

    if you are going to use it then you should dose it in the morning and at night...when cortisol levels are highest.

    since these are natty products they don't require any kind of PCT.
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