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    why do people get so damn angry and defensive when talking about their products? i've tried some of them... i've liked a few and haven't liked others so for the ones that don't work i don't buy them. it's just like any other company yet people seem to freak out and a 1,000 page thread is created when somebody mentions the word..... should i say it? prime... yes the advertising is a little out there, but the same goes for every company and if u wanna make to dough u have to do it. the more money you make the more money that can go into research and development. so to all u people who get on your period when USP labs is mentioned it's getting pretty old

  2. And you somehow managed to create another useless thread about it.

  3. I think that USP Labs' advertising is way-way-way out there, almost on the Muscletech level. On this board on particular, the company rouses passions because is has such a visible presence. A company like Muscletech almost doesn't exist as far as anabolicminds goes - except as the butt of jokes.

    I think that USP is almost unique in the extent to which they hide the true contents of their supplements. In a way, this is marketing genius, but it rubs many of us the wrong way. They also play up to a buyer who is going to be quick to believe a placebo effect. That doesn't mean that their products don't work... it just means that they have found a target audience that many of us have come to anabolicminds to move beyond. (Most of us have probably fallen for the "specially harvested herbal" line from companies like EAS or Biotest before. We are understandably wary when we hear the same line again.)

    They are also successful. I think that a company like ALRI, which appears to be modestly successful, and which has somewhat similar fuzzy language in its advertising, would arouse equal passions if it had an equally high profile. (This was actually the case when Jungle Warfare was the hot supplement of the month.)

  4. People always get mad when you challenge their beliefs.

  5. Shut the **** up everyone!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Rugger View Post
    Shut the **** up everyone!
    that's what i was getting at in a less blunt way.


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