Carnosine Eye Drops

  1. Carnosine Eye Drops

    I found this looking for carnosine supplements. Its used for cataracts. Does anyone see this as a viable delivery system for carnosine or would it be best to just get an oral?

  2. Okay, I did some more searching and the eye drops are actually N-Acetyl Carnosine, not L-Carnosine. Apparently L-Carnosine would be bad in the eyes due to the release of histamine and oxidative properties of such.

    Is N-Acetyl Carnosine something we want or is L-Carnosine better for our purposes?

  3. N-acetyl-carnosine will degrade to L-carnosine, and protect eyes from light also acts as a time relese version of carnosine.

    I think for our purposes, L-carnosine would be the way to go.


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