Is there any merit in taking BCAA's only half of the week?

  1. Is there any merit in taking BCAA's only half of the week?

    I tend to only be sore on Thurs-Sat. Is there any benefit to just taking BCAA's on the days that I expect to be sore?

    Or, do I need BCAA's constantly in my bloodstream to build up a tolerance?

    I could see how it wouldn't be benefitial (maybe even be negative) to take them when I am not sore. But, I have no science to back that up.

    Any thought?

  2. I take BCAA and/or EAAs on lifting days only - it drastically reduces soreness. If that's all you're taking them for, I see no problem with it.
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  3. Being sore is no indication of muscle hypertrophy. So with that said, I would take it on days that you lift.

  4. I take it everyday, because on off days I'm doing fasted cardio.

  5. considering how inexpensive bulk BCAA from NP are and since they are a staple supplement for most, i don't see why you would not take them every day.

    I take it twice a day on days off, once up on waking up and once before bed time

  6. BCAAs are amino acids. Amino acids make up proteins. Do you eat protein only certain days of the week? Do you need to build up a tolerance to food for it to work? Is protein detrimental to you when you are not sore?

    Take them whenever you want quickly absorbed proteins.

  7. Take em when you expend a good deal of energy. Workouts, cardio, jogging, sports, etc.
    Take them when dieting as well.


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