Poll: What is the best flavor of Xtend?

What is the best flavor of Xtend?

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  1. The grape is awesome... Very refreshing

  2. While I have only tried watermelon, people are right in saying it tastes exactly like a jolly rancher.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Rugger View Post
    While I have only tried watermelon, people are right in saying it tastes exactly like a jolly rancher.
    I find the watermelon doesn't mix as well as the lemonade. Takes a while for it to completely dissolve. But both taste amazing!

  4. Where did the orange hate come from? It's amazing!

  5. watermelon!

  6. IMO Watermelon sucks!!. It tastes spicy and made me feel funny when I drank it during my workouts. I had to start mixing it with Purple Wraath to hide the taste.

    I have orange now but I still mix it with Purple Wraath so I can't comment on the taste.

  7. I have tried them all and decided to only continue using the watermelon and apple flavors. Well, after a year of only watermelon and apple I am finally tired of the apple flavor - watermelon all the way.

    Now, if they would decide to bring back Substance WPI Watermelon I would be "Scivation complete"

  8. i got a free sample of the lemon and its decent it has a little after taste but good enuff...every one loves watermelon so i think im going to buy that one

  9. I have tried orange, lemon, and watermelon. The lemon is okay, the orange was horrible, but the watermelon was the best BCAA drink I had ever tasted, until I had our BC/EAA mix.

    A direct answer though, WATERMELON!

  10. I like orange but i havent tried wartermelon which seems to be popular!

  11. Watermelon and Lemonade are my two favorites.

    -Still waiting to try Orange.
    I'm Back...

  12. Noticed now there is Blue Raspberry and Apple...Watermelon still better than both of these?


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