Poll: What is the best flavor of Xtend?

What is the best flavor of Xtend?

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  1. IMO Watermelon sucks!!. It tastes spicy and made me feel funny when I drank it during my workouts. I had to start mixing it with Purple Wraath to hide the taste.

    I have orange now but I still mix it with Purple Wraath so I can't comment on the taste.

  2. I have tried them all and decided to only continue using the watermelon and apple flavors. Well, after a year of only watermelon and apple I am finally tired of the apple flavor - watermelon all the way.

    Now, if they would decide to bring back Substance WPI Watermelon I would be "Scivation complete"

  3. i got a free sample of the lemon and its decent it has a little after taste but good enuff...every one loves watermelon so i think im going to buy that one

  4. I have tried orange, lemon, and watermelon. The lemon is okay, the orange was horrible, but the watermelon was the best BCAA drink I had ever tasted, until I had our BC/EAA mix.

    A direct answer though, WATERMELON!

  5. I like orange but i havent tried wartermelon which seems to be popular!

  6. Watermelon and Lemonade are my two favorites.

    -Still waiting to try Orange.
    I'm Back...

  7. Noticed now there is Blue Raspberry and Apple...Watermelon still better than both of these?


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