Help with Tren Cycle!

  1. Help with Tren Cycle!

    Hey all 1st this is what my cycles looking like so far:

    1 week pre cycle - hawthorn berries/milk thistle

    tren xtreme-
    wk1 - 30mg
    wk2 - 60mg
    wk3 - 60mg
    wk4 - 90mg
    wk5 - 90mg
    (still 4 days left of tren...should i continue it during weeks 6 and start the nolva at the same time? or should i finish the tren and the next day start the nolva?)
    wk 6 - nolva 20
    wk 7- nolva 20/Lean FX
    wk 8 - nolva 20/Lean FX/Mass FX
    wk 9 - Lean FX/Mass FX
    wk 10 -Lean FX/Mass FX
    wk 11 - Mass FX
    wk 12 - Mass FX

    also an addition to PCT:
    GM/WF/PW (controlled labs stack).
    milk thistle/hawthorn berry

    Support throughout cycle:
    wk 1-5 - cycle support/vitamin b6
    *taurine (if needed for back cramps)

    It's my first time with a p/h and I figured my dosages are on a safer route, which I'm happy about. My one concern right now is nolva reacting badly with tren.

    "Keep in mind that nolva can increase & activate progesterone receptors in breast tissue. Tren is a progestin. This could lead to gyno symptoms."

    The vitamin b6 could help prevent gyno with tren running it 200mg a day, since any more could be toxic.

    Any help and further suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

  2. The tren they are talking about is REAL trenbolone. Not the stuff you are taking. What you are taking is not a progestin.


    You should have put this in the steroid section.

    MOD EDIT: Read the rules and stickies before continuing further.

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