MODS Please help, my supp auctions NEVER APPEAR

  1. Angry MODS Please help, my supp auctions NEVER APPEAR

    Can someone help? i go through the whole process, select miscellaneous supps added a picture and everything. lookslike it goes through. i see nothing in the forum there. can someone help?

  2. Auction items show up in the Auction Forum.

    Supplement Auction - Page 2

    Nutraplanet Items for sale and trade - AnabolicMinds Supplement Auction

    You have an extensive list of products posted. You may want to review the Auction Rules in the future. Forum - FAQ: vBulletin FAQ

    This is for members to be able to sell 2-3 items ONLY. If you try to set up shop, you will be removed and banned. Sponsors of Anabolicminds are the only members eligible for selling an unlimited amount of items. Multiple listings or attempts to sell multiple items by more than one username will not be tolerated.

    Violation of these rules will result in a permanent ban.

  3. is there a supplement trading thread? im not really looking to sell but will trade.

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