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Question On Ax Products........

  1. Question On Ax Products........

    if you had to choose one of these two for mass what would it be??
    mass fx
    hyperdrol x2

    i know its like comparing apples to oranges but my idea was to stack the two and after that stacks done run one of the two solo to compare the effects..........and i want to do the one that will give the most mass because........well the reason is obvious, more mass.......

  2. well i voted mass FX i got a logg on here you can see mi results, i felt good on it the whole time, my muscle where soo FULL and i mean sick fat pumps every work out< recovry was very fast and i got noticely bigger in my lower body, i was running 6caps aday

  3. im a big fan of all 6-bromo products so i will vote HX2...the only 25rdiol product that i ever liked was BAM...but over priced in my opinion...

  4. I'm not voting. I can't make this sort of decision before 6:30am.
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  5. I'd do Hyperdrol, as estrogen is my sworn enemy

  6. I would stack both, but If I HAD to choose one.

    For mass and strength, I would pick MFX.

  7. Mass FX if I was to run something SOLO. BUT FOR THE BEST BANG STACK EM!!!

  8. i liked hyperdrol alot. so im going with that.


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