how much is too much essential fatty acids?

  1. Question how much is too much essential fatty acids?

    how much is too much essential fatty acids? i think on an average a day im consuming 30-40g between efa peanut butter, nuts, eggs, fish, and supps (take about 10g of fish oil a day). so is this too much? is there even an RDA, AI or UL for essential fat?

  2. 10g/day is what many that supplement with Omega-3's do, and I shoot for 3g of EPA/DHA combined.

  3. yeah twelve is good number for fishoil
    3 is a place to start

    clinical trials were done for raising hdl and deflating ldl based on 12 grams of fish oil.

  4. I take 9-12g of fish oil per day. I also use ground flax in some of my shakes, which adds to the total.

  5. I like to keep it at a total of 10-15g of all fatty acid supps I use (flax/fish/primose, etc)

    Right now Im using Animal Omega, which while kinda spendy has an amazing profile.



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