At the moment I'm currently dieting to get my bf% down before I go on a lean bulk. I'm 5'10" and currently 175lb at ~13% bf. I looking at buying some trione and nettle root or powerfull for a NHA stack. I've ran some designers in the past and know that I wasn’t quite ready, so I'm really going to focus on dialing in my nutrition the next year or two before I even think about running hormones again. In the past 2 months I've lost 2.75" around my naval and lost only 0.125" around my arms (when flexed) while increasing my strength!!! I'm really excited about this and want to take my body to the next level with hard work, discipline, and great fundamental nutritional practices….rather than relying on "sups" with nutrition being secondary. With that said, I would like to add this NHA stack, and so my question is would it best serve me to start using it while I'm still dieting, or use it when I start my lean bulk? Or does it really matter? At this point I'm leaning towards the bulk since the cut is going so well. Any thoughts welcomed. Thanks.