When to take...

  1. When to take...

    Hi Im planning on staking truemass,no xplode and cellmass together. Also I have ON 100% Whey. I lift at 3 PM and was planning to take 1 serv. cellmass in the morning, 1 serv. true mass at lunch, 1 serv. noxplode preworkout, then 1 serv. cell mass post, finally A protein shake before bed.

    Does that sound alright or should I take a serv. of cellmass postworkout and then before bed.

  2. have you already purchased them? if not look into some better cost efficient products. cell mass i believe is just creatine...so it should not really matter when. I prefer pre and post workout though
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  3. I'm sure most ppl on here would agree next time don't waste your money with MT products. Since you have them already though....

    Cell Mass - 1 scoop a.m, 1 scoop pre workout
    -OR- 1 scoop pre workout, 1 scoop postworkout

    N.O. Explode- I prefer to take it only on training days 30 mins pre workout but that's your call

    True Mass - Assuming that most of the carbs are from malodextrin, if it were me, I'd only use it as my pwo shake unless your in a pinch at lunch and it comes down to not eating or drinking the true mass shake then obviously drink the shake.

    When that runs out stick to whey with malo/dex or whey with WMS for pwo nutrition.

  4. I believe those are BSN products not MT, but still too much money for an inferior product.

    Search this forum for more effective products at a better price.
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