What are the best ready to drink protein drinks?

  1. What are the best ready to drink protein drinks?

    What do you guys like?

  2. I drink Pure Pro.

  3. Eas shakes are pretty good. I drink the Carb Control while on keto diet, and they seem to work pretty well.

  4. In terms of taste the Lean Body drinks are pretty good. I don't care for Muscle Milk because they're loaded with fat.

  5. Raw eggs baby

  6. Taste wise Muscle Milk kicks ass but is high in fat. EAS and Lean Body are both good and come in second. The trick is get some different ones because if you get a bunch of one I guaratee u get sick of them.
  7. Thumbs up

    I think one of the best ones looking at amount of protein and fat content is myoplex original. it has 42 gms of protein with only 60 cal of fat.. (incl. 7gms of total fat; 0 trans fat; and 1gm of saturated fat).

  8. Isopure grape when i'm in a mood for some fruitiness (for lack of a better description)

    Pro Smoothie RTD chocolate flavor is good too.


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