How many mgs of E/C/A in a homemade stack?

  1. How many mgs of E/C/A in a homemade stack?

    I just bought some ephedra, thinking it was already stacked. So now I need to go to the store and pick up some caffeine and aspirin, the only problem is I don't know the correct amounts in mg to use. Anyone who has made their own in the past willing to help me out? Or can someone who uses and likes storebought ECA tell me how much of each ingredient is listed in the Supplement Facts? Thanks, all.

  2. I can tell you what xenadrine RFA contained, because I have a couple old (empty unfortuanetly) bottles laying around here.
    Ephedrine 20mg (note... this is ephedrine, not ephedra, you need to know the concentration within your ephedra).
    200mg caffine
    15mg asprin

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