Maca Dosage for Libido

  1. Maca Dosage for Libido

    How much of the Nutraplanet Maca 150g would you have to take per day to get a libido enhancing effect? And would you split the daily dose up?

  2. I take 1.5 grams three times a day. Dont know if that is the correct dosage. Id like to see what everyone else says. For myself good post. Have you heard of any negative side effects?

  3. I haven't read of any negative side effects. It just either works or it doesn't. I've read of a study done with 1.5g and 3g, which lead to improvements in libido. I guess we don't have to take too much then. Thanks

  4. I am getting a bad rash and my skin feels like its burning when I take Maca together with my Creatin and Arginin dose. Especially arround my neck. It usually goes away after 30 minutes or so. Must be some kind of interaction between Maca and Creatin and/or Arginin.


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