can some one tell me what this is??

  1. can some one tell me what this is??

  2. almost the same exact formula from what i remember. used to be sold at VS when i worked there
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  3. DHEA, tribulus, DIM, caffeine, geranium oil (probably not 1,3), zinc, b6, and a few other things

  4. fast action (SP?) is a hit or miss company. i've heard some people made gains with their products, some of them are bunk. my SD run with their "S-DROL" netted me 1 pound in one month. 4 pills a day. no pct, and no gyno. there's no way it was legit.

    i've heard of others that had a good run with their stuff though, so take what i said with a grain of salt.

  5. haha, i have never used a product of theirs, just saw a add for it.....sounds like junk though

  6. yeah, I'm not a fan of Fast Action products...


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