Pre-Workout Fat Burning Stack...

  1. Pre-Workout Fat Burning Stack...

    Alllright, so I take part in a spinning class (yeah, that's right...SPINNING...tons of chicks...mmmhmmm). far all I take to enhance fat burning and lipolysis is:

    Caffeine: 250mg
    ALCAR: 1.5 grams

    Couple questions...I have heard so many different dosages on ALCAR, I just decided to open up a thread to get the general consensus here and go with it. I am really not looking for more of a stimming effect...however, really I just want to be promoting lipolysis and utilizing fat for energy (thus the ALCAR and the caffeine so far).

    Mainly looking for "standard" asking to throw in Meltdown or Lev. Reloaded or something.

    Any help would be appreciated!

  2. Adding some sesamin would help you burn FFAs for energy.

  3. Cordygen5

  4. should probably increase ALCAR to 2.5-3g also

  5. sesamin


    for shure either one

    IMO two best choices
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  6. if you are looking stim free i agree on sesamin and dcp being just amazing, also i am a rather large fan of lean out from beverley international


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