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  1. I got my first one of these in my inbox the other day...THANKS GUYS!!!! Already putting things in my cart...

  2. the code's not working!!!!!!!!!!!:::::(((((((

  3. Quote Originally Posted by swollph91 View Post
    the code's not working!!!!!!!!!!!:::::(((((((
    The sale ended today, as in it's over on Monday. I know, the wording was a bit vague. I'm going to try and make sure we clarify it better on upcoming sales. You weren't the only one that got confused.

  4. Yeah, I tried using it at 12:20 AM EST last night and it didn't work. When they said "sale ends Monday", I assumed I could order on Monday and still get to use the coupon. Ah well, I guess wont order anything for now.

  5. hi guys , just got my first h-drol , and using 6-oxo as the pct , would u stack the h-drol wiv anything ,
    ur views would be welcome .



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