If You Like Saving Money on Supps...You've Got to Sign Up!!!

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  1. Some great deals going on; especially xtend.

  2. I didnt realize I had Newsletter turned off either! Zoinks! Anyway to get it e-mailed to me now?

  3. I signed up yesterday and still no email.

  4. same here, regarding haven't received the email yet. I've received the newsletters in the past but haven't seen anything yet today. Will have to check my junk mail just to make sure

  5. If anybody hasn't received the email, there's a thread http://anabolicminds.com/forum/globa...net-s-4th.html with all the details. If you still want the email, PM me your email adress.

  6. I got my first one of these in my inbox the other day...THANKS GUYS!!!! Already putting things in my cart...

  7. the code's not working!!!!!!!!!!!:::::(((((((

  8. Quote Originally Posted by swollph91 View Post
    the code's not working!!!!!!!!!!!:::::(((((((
    The sale ended today, as in it's over on Monday. I know, the wording was a bit vague. I'm going to try and make sure we clarify it better on upcoming sales. You weren't the only one that got confused.

  9. Yeah, I tried using it at 12:20 AM EST last night and it didn't work. When they said "sale ends Monday", I assumed I could order on Monday and still get to use the coupon. Ah well, I guess wont order anything for now.

  10. hi guys , just got my first h-drol , and using 6-oxo as the pct , would u stack the h-drol wiv anything ,
    ur views would be welcome .


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