Best fat loss stack???

  1. Best fat loss stack???

    Ok, after been searching,i found and made some of the following stacks, but which one would be like the "best"?

    Lean Xtreme/Scorch/Vaporize
    Lean Xtreme/Basic cuts/Adrenelean
    Lean Xtreme/DCP/Scorch
    Lean Xtreme/Recreate/Anabolic Pump
    Lean Xtreme/Sub-Q/Adrenalean
    Lean Xtreme/Leviathan Reloaded/DCP

    Haven't used any of those supps, but for individual reviews, looks like Lean Xtreme/Scorch/Vaporize...what you guys think?

  2. I would say choice #4 and #6...make sure you have a diet to support this.

  3. Why not simply use Ephedrine/Caffeine? It's time tested, easy to get and legal in most places. None of the new OTC fatburners come even close to its effectiveness.

  4. REDuction + DCP

  5. lean fx should be here this week
    DCP, leviathin reloaded, and lean fx would be a killer stack!

  6. # 3 and 6.
    My belief is that DCP has to be the foundation supplement for fat loss.

  7. You could go Recreate/Leviathan/DCP, These are the only fat burning compounds that ever worked for me...Recreate had amazing recomp properties.
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  8. Ok, looks like im going for #6.

    That stack would be for $90

    What abour REDuction/DCO/Lean Xtreme as choice #7?

  9. Anyone have any feedback from Leviathan Reloaded/DCP AND Anabolic Pump??

  10. Quote Originally Posted by zek View Post
    Ok, looks like im going for #6.

    That stack would be for $90

    What abour REDuction/DCO/Lean Xtreme as choice #7?
    That would be pretty good. REDuction has a stimulant AM formula, DCP is stim-free, LX is 7-OH and REDuction PM is stim free/sleep aid. Looks like you'd have all your bases covered.


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