Somatropinne Feedback would be appreciated

  1. Somatropinne Feedback would be appreciated

    Well, gents I've been reading allot of your threads and posts, and over the course of the last few months have learned quite a bit. This however, is my first forey into posting a thread.
    A little history: I am 33 years old. I've recently lost 70 pounds the old fashioned way, sweat, blood, and tears, and have gotten somewhat addicted to building muscle, the pump, and the all around feeling of looking better than I did the day before.
    I am considering purchasing some Somatropinne, and some Clenbuterol X, and would appreciate any feedback or help on these two supplements, since I am at best a novice concerning HGH, and supplementation in general. I guess the most important question to me is are they worth the money?
    While I have you scrolling through this, one more question. Any thoughts on Recreate? Bought two bottles, but I haven't started taking them yet.
    Thank you, whomever you might be.

  2. And out of left field...!!!

    I think you'd get better replies in the anti-aging/IGF forum areas.

    Recreate is great, lots of people here like it. Just be sure to start with one a day for a week, then add another, because some people get headaches.

    I'd use Millennium Sport Somnidren GH over Somatropinne, any day. If I have the correct product, Somatropinne is homeopathic bunk. Somnidren GH is potent and effective.

    I have no comment on clen.

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