when to use ALA and what type?

  1. when to use ALA and what type?

    Currently, whether on bulk or cut, I do ALA after my first meal in the morning, and post workout as those are the times I believe I'm getting the most carbs and the most insulin response. I also dose bitter melon at those times...

    my understanding is that ALA is similar to bitter melon, where it mimics insulin so it pushes nutrients out of the blood into muscle, liver, maybe even fat storage... but at the end of the day, it makes it so your body needs less insulin for the same effect making you potentially more insulin sensitive, which is always good.

    My question is, I use regular ALA, but I've been reading a lot about K-RALA, etc.. what is a good type to get and for good price? And should I take it with every meal minus pre-workout?


  2. There are forms that are more effective, Na-R-ALA>K-R-ALA > ALA. They all still work, you just need less of the more powerful forms.

    I would say about 10 mins prior to high-carb meals. I like to take mine pre and post-WO. I typically don't eat many carbs outside of that time frame except for veggies.

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