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    its reasonable doubt. its possible that the line backer doesn't use it.

    in this sport, on the olympia level, there's no doubt in anyone's mind.

    its really a pitty, because in BSF, he makes a good point in that most competitive professions use something to keep them going. and it hits home - the suburban housewife and the growing oxycontin debacle. now we're seeing police officers not only on steroids, but some on the oxy's as well - keeps them going longer so they can get overtime. bottom line is that anyone who competes at any level uses something that the "average joe" does not. steroids unfortunately are a "concern for the youth", so the media demonizes them. and i agree to the point that young people shouldn't take them. but young kids shouldn't be taking ANYTHING - that includes percocets that they hand out like candy for wisdom teeth removal.

    very true! I feel you on the police, we had a few of those come out in the last 2 years.


  2. Quote Originally Posted by truckdaddy View Post
    I think it was totally pro steroid.....basically everyone on there, from coaches to doctors said that there was no proof that they were bad.
    they even ask scientists who study them, and they said there is no proof. It seems like their is only one guy that is holding everything back!


  3. Quote Originally Posted by grila jujitsu View Post
    WOW! what a movie! i think this should be part of a high school education.

    lol it is for us

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Brad2131 View Post
    lol it is for us

    really! where r u from?


  5. I saw this movie and here is what I think

    -I think Dr gary Wadler is a moron

    -I think Don Hooton and his anti steroid crusade is an absolute joke

    -I think it's also very disturbing how easily that guy was able to make his own supplement.

    -I find it even more disturbing that Henry Waxman, who called the steroids hearing didn't know what the legality of steroids even were when he was asked, nor was he able to recall what the legal drinking age was

  6. Quote Originally Posted by sp447 View Post
    -I think Don Hooton and his anti steroid crusade is an absolute joke
    Agreed on this point. He definitely jumped to a conclusion on that one. His son was on different meds for different problems and he automatically blames the steroids.
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  7. georgia

  8. that was an awesome movie.. received it in the mail yesterday and watched it that night. ima watch it tonight just because...

  9. Quote Originally Posted by grila jujitsu View Post
    nice find bro!

    Its very true what he says about the sport not being accepted because of the roids, but what about other sports then? why are baseball and football and other mainstream sports accepted even though we all know juice is being used?! so hypocritical!!
    Im pretty certain that baseball and football are more accepted because they are more appealing to a much larger percentage of the population. Its not that bodybuilding is just less accepted because of the steroids, its that the majority of the world doesnt have any interest in it or the "freaks" that compete in it.

    A football game on TV = Entertaining prime time programing.

    A guy posing and flexing on TV = 2 am between infomercials at best.

  10. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mfQTiumsO4&feature=re lated"]YouTube - The Truth About Bodybuilding Supplements.[/ame]

    Who wants to start a supplement business with me ? j/k
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by AK32408 View Post

    Who wants to start a supplement business with me ? j/k

    actually, i have already started! lol jk or am i?


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